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Google Remarketing Can Help You Salvage Sales and Increase Your Profits

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When pay-per-click (PPC) marketing was first developed, your small business may not have been around to witness its birth. However, by now, if you’re not using PPC to generate leads to your business, it’s highly likely that you’re leaving money on the table that could have been used to boost your profits.

If you are running PPC campaigns, you may be dialed in with a list of solid keywords, and maybe you optimized for new platforms like mobile. You probably run a set of consistent campaigns as long as they are conforming to your goals and bringing in targeted traffic. However, there are many facets to PPC that can still be utilized. If you aren’t remarketing your keywords, you may be missing out on an important source of income.

The PPC landscape has developed to the point where more sophisticated targeting strategies can be utilized, which will allow your business to interact with a potential customer. Google remarketing should be implemented as part of your strategy if it isn’t already included.

How Remarketing Works in AdWords

Remarketing in AdWords allows you to engage with potential customers who’ve already visited your website but didn’t buy anything. By utilizing Google remarketing, you can ensure that your brand’s goods or services are in front of potential customers when they are surfing the net in relevant places. This reminds them of the interaction they already had with your website and encourages them to come back and investigate further.

This marketing strategy doesn’t cost you anything until you receive a click on your ad. It provides a great way for you to reconnect with people who have shown interest in your business and then entice them to make a purchase. When an individual is looking for a product or service, they may be researching different prices and specifications. You probably know by your internal analysis that cart abandonment rates can be high. There’s huge potential in targeting these individuals and getting them to come back to your small business by understanding how remarketing works and implementing it.

Looking at an Example

It can help to look at an example to understand how this process works. Let’s say you sell shoes and boots online, and have a potential customer land on your website, who is specifically searching for cowboy boots. They’ll likely go through different styles, colors, and sizes, and they may choose one or more of your products by placing them into their cart. Then they leave your website. People like to kick the tires before making a decision.

If you put a Google remarketing campaign in place, you’ll have a chance to catch the attention of all the people who have done this same thing on your website. You can gather information related to the time spent on your website and utilize it to entice them. At one point, you know that these people had an interest in your business. Why not show them the cowboy boots they were interested in the next time they hop online to surf the web? You can take the cowboy boots they added to their shopping cart and create a targeted ad that reaches out to them. By remarketing in AdWords, you’ll keep your brand in their mind.

Setting Up Remarketing Campaigns

Now that you understand how remarketing works, you can begin implementing this important strategy. Using your account, you must learn how to set up marketing lists in AdWords. First, name your list and then define the set of rules and website visitors you’d like to include. This creates a special “remarketing tag” on the backend of your website, which allows you to specify the services, products, or pages you’d like to focus on.

By implementing Google remarketing, you can specify the products or services that customers might look at when they want to comparison shop. You can create your remarketing campaigns for those specific landing pages. If a customer decides to visit your page, a cookie will set itself up on their browser, which will help show your retargeting ads to them when they are visiting relevant websites.

The ads you can create to remarket to customers are highly customizable. By analyzing your data reports, you know the pages they visited and where they exited your site. This gives you a chance to create ad messaging that’s the most relevant to their actions. For example, when they leave specific cowboy boots in your cart and then abandon them, you can send them a custom remarketing message that invites them back within a certain period to get a discount. There are endless possibilities when you utilize remarketing in AdWords.

When you utilize this strategy, it’s a fantastic way to convert curious shoppers into paying customers. When they continuously see your brand in relevant places when they are surfing or searching for products, they may recognize your brand and renew their interest. By re-engaging with them, it deepens your relationship and gives them the nudge they might need to get them back to your website.

When you want to use Google remarketing with your business, our web developers can assist you. Advanced Digital Media Services would be happy to help with your marketing needs by implementing proven strategies that work. Enter your details below and one of our friendly representatives will get back to you to discuss our SEO services and the many ways that we can accelerate your business profits.

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