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How to Implement a Strong SEO Strategy for Your Brand

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When you’re trying to become a leader in your industry and create brand building strategies, it’s important to implement the correct techniques and best practices for your company’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. This can be broken down into four separate categories, which include content marketing, engagement, optimization, and making your site crawlable for search engines like Google.

Importance of a Solid SEO Strategy

Think about your habits when you’re looking for a product or service online. You probably head straight to a major search engine and type in keywords that are related to your problem or item you’d like to purchase. Millions of other individuals follow this same process every day, which makes having a solid SEO strategy extremely important for your business. Potential customers are much more likely to utilize a search engine before they go to an app or the site of a retailer. To perform well in organic search results, your brand building strategies must be analyzed and implemented carefully. Do the following:

Make Sure You Show Up in the Search Engines

If you want your site to show up in a high position in search engine results, you’ll need to lay down a strong SEO foundation, which can begin by setting up a robots.txt file. While this file is small, it is one of the first items seen by a search engine robot that’s crawling your site. It informs a crawler about your pages and provides instructions on what you’d like indexed.

It helps to inform crawlers about the structure of your site, which can be done by including a sitemap with your website. Ideally, this will include all of your product pages, categories, and subcategories. Don’t try to do this by hand, as several services can assist you when you need to generate a sitemap. Link to this from your robots.txt file and submit it to Google and other competing search engines. Also, ensure that your content is visible to the search engines. If your site is using older technology, you’ll need to convert it to a format that search engine crawlers can see.

Create High-Quality Content

After you make sure your site is ready to be crawled, you need to create good content. As your company matures and grows, your website will as well. This provides you a chance to increase your brand building strategies with high-quality content. At first, your content will typically describe your services or products. After this is completed, you can move on to answering common questions that consumers may have, or provide them with how-tos or relevant information associated with your branding, services, or products.

Optimize Your Content for Branding

One of the first steps is to improve your ranking for the keywords you’re focusing on. If you haven’t already, you can utilize the Google Keyword Planner tool to create a list of important keywords and keyword phrases you’d like to target.

Choose your keywords by basing them off of volume, as you want to choose the ones people use the most frequently in searches. Take the keywords you find and strategically add them to your meta-tags and content. Begin with your top-level pages and complete the task with your product pages. You can also utilize the branding strategy of focusing on a few select pages at a time and optimize those for specific keywords.

By creating non-promotional content with keywords associated with your niche, you can drive more traffic. This takes careful analysis to determine how your website performs versus a competitor when certain keywords are used. You’ll need to segment your list of associated keywords and prioritize those on the list that can give you a competitive advantage.

For example, if you’re a company selling “automotive parts,” you should be able to increase traffic to your website by prioritizing keywords emphasizing “automotive repair” for specific makes and models.

Implement Your Off-Site Strategy

The next stage of your SEO strategy is to work on off-site tasks that may include building relationships with social influencers or creating content that can attract links. It helps to have existing content in place before you begin this stage of your strategy, but you’ll start to see more benefits the sooner you implement this.

If you’re going to utilize influencers to build engagement with your brand, it’s important to understand your audience. You’ll also have the task of identifying specific social media influencers who are trusted and respected. It’s best to find influencers that are associated with your industry. Don’t be afraid to choose people who aren’t the most famous. They may even be more cost-effective in helping you with your branding, since top influencers can charge a lot of money.

Link building is another great way to build trust with Google and increase your brand engagement. One technique is to use an SEO tool that provides you with backlinks to competitor sites. If you reach out to owners of high-quality sites who are providing links and show them the quality of your content, you may be able to get a link to a page on your site.

Learning how to build a brand strategy and SEO takes dedication and proper planning if you want to ensure success. Advanced Digital Media Services is an SEO company that is committed to helping your business excel and reach your goals. We are experienced and educated in providing top-notch social media marketing and can provide the assistance you require to move ahead of your competition. Enter your details below and one of our friendly representatives will reach out to you shortly.

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