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Google Site Kit Plugin - Things You Should Know

Google Site Kit Plugin: Things You Should Know

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If you run a WordPress website, you must’ve experienced using Google tools for performance testing and analytic tracking. While such tools help track your website’s performance, managing them can be tricky and tedious. Thankfully, there’s the Google Site Kit plugin to help you.

Regardless if this is the first time you’ve heard of this Site Kit by Google or not, it’s essential to know the things it offers for more convenient website management. We’ve gathered essential information about the Google Site Kit for you to check out.

What Is Google Site Kit?

Site Kit is a tool developed by Google. It is a WordPress plugin that provides site owners and digital marketers with a convenient way of integrating and managing Google tools for website performance and analytics.

Now that we’ve answered the question, “What is Google Site Kit?” it’s time to know how it can benefit your WordPress website. Here are the things included in it:

1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a helpful tool included in Site Kit by default. It has numerous features to help you monitor your website’s performance on Google Search. One of which is that it allows you to find out which search queries internet users type into search bars that drive them to your website.

It also allows you to see your ranking for a particular search query, along with the number of people who see and click your website on search engine results pages. Aside from monitoring traffic, Google Search Console also gives you the option of monitoring your website’s indexing status.

2. Google Analytics

On the other hand, Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to learn more about your website visitors. It is also a default tool included when you install Site Kit. With this tool, you will see the location or country of your visitors. You will also know how they reached your website, whether by searching on Google or clicking a link.

Additionally, Google Analytics allows you to see the type of devices — mobile or desktop — your visitors are using when viewing your website. It will also show your visitors’ behavior and which web pages receive the longest visiting time. These features are just some of the most basic things this tool has to offer.

3. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a tool to help that helps you earn money from your content. By enabling it, Google will place ads on your web pages. You will get paid when your visitors click on those ads. With Google AdSense installed on Site Kit, you will see reports on the following information:

  • Number of Ads on Your Website
  • Estimated Amount of Earnings
  • Web Pages that Earn You the Most (you’ll need Google Analytics to generate this data)

4. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is another tool you can activate in Site Kit. It allows you to see your website homepage’s performance as far as loading speed is concerned. Using lab and field data, it assesses metrics and runs audits to give a speed score. It also gives valuable insights into what aspects of your website need improvement.

The data from Google PageSpeed Insights come from another tool called Google Lighthouse. It allows you to see the speed scores of your other web pages other than the homepage. You can download it as an extension on Google Chrome to use its full features.

Take note that the data you’ll see from Google PageSpeed Insights and Google Lighthouse requires a bit of knowledge regarding web development and SEO. It helps to seek advice from experts to understand and utilize such tools for your digital marketing campaign.

5. Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a tool that helps monitor the performance of marketing activities. It allows you to set up marketing tags, which can track the marketing activities that work — and those that don’t. Working with tags can be pretty complicated and technical, but Google Tag Manager makes it easy.

Once you set up your tags, they will generate data, which you can input on Google Analytics. Doing so gives you numerous ways to track different activities happening on your website.

6. Google Optimize

Google Optimize is a tool that allows you to conduct A/B tests and more. It gives you the option of seeing different outcomes. For instance, you can design and build two websites for the same purpose, get them live, and see which one performs better. It’s like a trial-and-error process that helps you perfect your website performance and user experience.

With Google Optimize installed on Site Kit, you can efficiently run tests on your websites. You can also connect with other tools, such as Google Analytics and Google AdSense, to generate other data that can help you improve your website’s overall performance.

How to Use the Google Site Kit Plugin?

Here’s how you can get Site Kit up and running for your website in four simple steps:

1. Install and activate it.

Like other WordPress plugins, Site Kit by Google needs installation and activation. Once installed and activated, it will direct you to a setup process. All you have to do is click the “Start Setup” button on the screen.

2. Verify website ownership and connect Google Search Console.

You will need to log in to your Google account to verify your WordPress website ownership. After that, you will need to give Site Kit permission to access your website data. Read the terms and agreements on the list, then click the “Allow” button.

If you haven’t yet, Site Kit will require you to connect your WordPress website with Google Search Console. Then, you’re good to go.

3. Choose your preferred Google services.

As mentioned, Google Search Console and Google Analytics are two of the default tools integrated when you install Site Kit. You have the option of integrating more services from Google.

Go to Site Kit’s settings, click the “Connect More Services” button, then choose your preferred services.

4. View data.

Site Kit gives you two options to view data from all the integrated Google services. If you want an overview, you can view pieces of data on your dashboard. Each Google service you connect to your WordPress website has a tab under Site Kit’s sidebar. Clicking those tabs will show you more detailed data and reports.

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