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Guide to Page Speed Optimization

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Page speed optimization is critical for any website’s success, but most business owners often neglect this aspect. As the name implies, page speed talks about how fast your webpage loads. Is it fast enough to capture the attention of the customers? Or is it slow enough to make them leave?

Let’s look at it this way.

You come inside a fast-food chain with an empty stomach and order your favorite meal. Thirty minutes later, the food hasn’t arrived. Would you give them a high rating? Of course, NOT! Though you could stay silent and not bother leaving a negative review, I bet you wouldn’t come back when your stomach starts growling again. Right? No customer would want or appreciate a slow service.

This situation works the same for any website. A customer visited your website, clicked your webpage, but nothing happened. They waited for several seconds and decided to leave. What you didn’t know was that your customer was in a hurry looking for immediate information or service they thought they would find on your website. As it is so slow, he immediately clicked that tiny button at the upper right corner and looked for another website offering the same service.

What just happened? You lost a potential customer, possible revenue, and you missed your chance. And what’s worse? You could be at the bottom of the search engine results.

Pay Attention to Page Speed Optimization

Putting your business online means taking care of your website in all aspects. Your website talks about your service and does the sales talk for you. You cannot pop out from your customer’s computer screen and personally inform them of what your service is about whenever your website’s speed takes forever to load. It is your website that acts as your marketing officer. Competing online is like competing with thousands of other websites offering the same service. If your website missed its chance, you probably missed it forever.

What are we trying to say here? Pay close attention to your page speed. No matter how beautiful your web design is or how crafted your web content pages are, customers wouldn’t have the chance to see them if your page speed starts to act up.

As people say, the first impression is crucial. If your website isn’t responding or giving out the information with a single click, chances are, they wouldn’t find your website or your business worthy of their time and money. A customer just typed her credit card details, yet the site got stuck. Wouldn’t she feel bothered and unsafe? Page speed likewise gives an impression of whether your website is secure or not.

How to Increase Your Page Speed?

  1. Page speed optimization is the way to improve your user experience. Here are some ways to increase your page speed:
  2. Optimizing HTML codes increases page speed.
  3. Optimizing images avoids extended periods of loading. You can do this by using the proper size and page format.
  4. Server response time should handle your website traffic, resources, hosting solution, and software you use.
  5. Utilizing a content distribution network enables efficient distribution of your content.
  6. Lessen redirects (to another page) also lessen the additional time for customers to wait.
  7. Using efficient file compression software helps increase page loading time.

Page Speed Optimization in SEO

Since 2010, one of Google’s ranking factors is the page speed. Search engines, such as Google, use a high bounce rate to indicate your customer service. In other words, the higher the bounce rate is, the higher the number of customers leaving your website before it finishes loading.

If your page is not loading fast enough, there is a high possibility that you wouldn’t make it on Google’s first page; leading your ranking to drop. And when you are on Google’s last page, there is a noticeable decrease in your sales.

A business invested online needs to have a good search engine result. This is how online competition works.

Invest in Page Speed Optimization Services

If the above ways sound too technical or complex for you to handle, investing in page speed optimization services is your best option.

We at Advanced Digital Media Services can do this hard work for you. We have skilled individuals who know precisely how to make your page speed faster. We customize our strategies specifically to cater to the needs of your website. We offer services for page speed optimization and web development, website design, social media marketing, and other SEO services.

Together, we will not let the customer hit that close button when they visit your website. We will ensure they see your products and services as fast as lightning! Talk to us, and let’s start turning your website traffic into sales!

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