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How Big Data Impacts SEO and Brand Visibility

How Big Data Impacts SEO and Brand Visibility

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Everyone is aware, at least to some degree, of the impact that big data has on the world. Big data plays an important role in society and in every area of business. SEO is one area of business where big data plays a vital role.

What is Big Data?

Big data refers to huge sets of data that are available for marketers to analyze in order to learn different ways to approach and solve problems. While there is an endless array of sources, Google can rightfully take its place as the first major source of big data. It may still be one of the largest as well, due to the fact it owns YouTube.

In today’s online world, content is transformed into big data at an exponential rate. All the content on the web falls under the category of published information. As Google became a curator of massive content, it also came up with ideas of making content quantifiable. Search engines are able to turn content into data that they can easily analyze. Google’s game has always been to make the user experience the best one possible as it gets better and better at delivering the information that people look for.

Today, marketers and SEO experts agree there must be a constant pursuit of learning to keep up with Google’s changing algorithm. With respect to SEO, how Google handles content or big data is worth understanding to be able to manipulate search results.

Understanding Big Data Analytics and SEO

Big data can offer deep insights concerning SEO. Google and other search engines have gone to great lengths to quantify content. SEO experts can keep tabs on this data by analyzing backlinks, keywords, and other elements to optimize their online assets.

The good thing about big data analytics is that the practice is becoming more and more precise. Marketers perform best when they can make the connection between traffic, conversion, page views, and other SEO elements. Big data analytics allow marketers and website owners to see how their own content stacks up against the much larger network of data. They help keep track of visitor clicks, time spent on a page, number of backlinks, visitor conversions, and a host of other factors.

Social media provides a major source of data for marketers. Social media networks facilitate over a billion daily users. With the right knowledge and tools, marketers can dig deep into this treasure trove of information and gain insights to increase traffic and conversions.

The Wisdom of an Effective SEO Plan

It is impossible to compete without an SEO plan. The traffic that reaches your website should be the type that has a high probability of converting. Marketing plans often fail because marketers have to rely on inaccurate data. Today’s big data can provide your company with the knowledge and insights it needs to implement plans to increase conversions. They allow a marketer to look at his or her data on a large scale and granular level.

Create an Effective Marketing Strategy

When using big data to develop your business’s marketing strategy, there are certain vanity metrics that you should not pay too much attention to. These can include page views, number of likes, how long a person remains on a page, etc. These vanity metrics may not provide anything more than a boost in the site owner’s ego. With the right big data analytics, however, it is easier than ever to focus on what matters most, like forecasting actual trends and determining what consumers want and need. Technology has shaped the future of search engine marketing and firms are taking the initiative to develop more effective content.

Hire the Right People

For business owners, hiring the right SEO professionals is critical to success. It is important to maintain a diverse workforce as gender and racial balance can be a positive thing. You want your people to have excellent technical skills as well as the insight to think critically and approach business analysis with an open mind. Keep your workforce knowledgeable and provide training wherever possible.

Always be willing to try new things that result from thinking outside the box. SEO takes time. It also takes effort, lots of ambition and knowledge, and a willingness to be flexible. A lot of SEO professionals are always brainstorming ideas even when not on the job. The most progressive developers have a passion to learn new things. They know the SEO landscape is in a constant state of flux and that nothing remains the same for long.

As exceptional website developers, we know that big data will be the driving force for SEO well into the future. The analytical tools may change, but they will always place focus on providing better insights into big data.

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