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How to Design A Website: Tips and Considerations

How to Design A Website: Tips and Considerations

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The world is filled with businesses and people who long to share their personal stories with the world. The best way to do this is with a well-thought-out website. A website is a vehicle that can help individuals and companies create new connections and strengthen networks. Keep in mind that your website represents your brand. In fact, your website “is” your brand.

As an experienced web design company, we know the question that thousands, perhaps millions, of business owners are asking at this very moment. “How to design a website?” The first place to start is to examine the common elements that make any website relevant. Here are some helpful tips for a good web design:

1. Color schemes.

The way you use color on your website can make a big difference. The right website color scheme can create a sense of cohesiveness for every product or piece of information that your company shares. Both primary and secondary color schemes can give website owners more wiggle room to be creative on landing pages, blogs, home pages, or other elements.

2. White space.

This is another critical element of modern website design. White space can be used to successfully address those empty spaces that serve as barriers between the elements on a web page. It gives the elements on each page room to breathe. Visitors tend to avoid navigating a crowded website. Do not give them a reason to bounce.

3. Calls-to-action.

You have to give visitors an incentive to convert into leads. CTAs can include a free consultation along with unique services or products and compelling content.

4. Don’t overlook your backend coding.

This is perhaps one of the most common website design tips that is often overlooked. Your site functionality matters. Backend coding determines how your site will perform. Your site should function flawlessly and load quickly. No consumer today is willing to wait for a site to load. They will quickly move on to the next source to find the products or information they need. Convert those customers who find your website into leads and people who are willing to engage.

5. Provide relevant content.

This is one of the most important website design tips. You need to post something that people are willing to engage with and share. Study and analyze your website along with those of your competitors. Have a sound program in place to research keywords that you can strategically place throughout your site and on specific landing pages. Nail down the analytics and reporting. Most importantly, keep providing fresh relevant content, including videos, blogs, and infographics. Reach out to other websites to see if you can get links back to your website.

6. Factor in elements that can help boost SEO.

Some of these elements will appear in the backend coding of your posts and website pages. These include things like META tags, heading tags, certain HTML coding, etc. Tweaking these elements can greatly improve your site’s search ranking. Be on the lookout for stale content. The best solution is to create a schedule to post blogs, refresh page content, and install videos, etc.

How to Design A Website That is Responsive

Creating a great user experience is essential for online success and longevity. Your website will always be an extension and front-facing brand of your business.
Responsive design is an approach that allows web pages to render well for all varieties of screens and devices. Adopt a fluid grid that can size elements proportionally.

Your responsive design should allow for touchscreens and those individuals who use a mouse. Keep in mind that people with small screens will also find and attempt to use your website. To provide the best user experience, you may have to leave some things out of your website.

You can set the rules for what you want to include and what you want to leave out. This can easily be accomplished by modifying CSS, HTML, and other codes. While it may take time setting up, your visitors will reward you for your time and effort.

If you have the resources and budget, it is still best to hire a web designer to help you create a fully-functional and aesthetically pleasing website.

Here are several tips for choosing the best web design company:

  • Look for company expertise when searching for a web designer. There are numerous companies you can consider, but only one will possess the elements that will make it a good fit. Who is on the design company’s team? What is their collective level of experience? Check the company’s credentials and examine closely their ability to create websites that deliver on a promise.
  • A legitimate web design company will have a commendable reputation. Ask around and conduct research. You should be able to find reviews online. You can also ask the company for trusted references that can give the company a solid recommendation.
  • When considering rates, look closely at the quality of the design firm’s work. The key is to find a company that can meet your expectations and provide the services you need for the right price. Finding the right design company is like seeking a compatible relationship. It may seem challenging at first, but it is well worth the effort.

Much of what your company will need to do with respect to SEO may be beyond its ability to handle in house. Hire a web designer like Advanced Digital Media Services. We have a team of digital marketing professionals that can give the best solutions to get your website on the map. Consult with our experts and let us handle all the hard work for you while you focus on what you do best!

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