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How Does Twitter Marketing Help Grow Your Business?

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If used properly, Twitter can be a useful means of promoting your business. You likely know the old saying, “The best for your business is word of mouth.” That’s what Twitter is: word of mouth. It helps you stay connected to your customers on a more personal level.

It Shows Your Brand’s Personality

Twitter marketing can invigorate your brand’s image. Tweeting about your people and activities gives followers a sense of your business as more than just a supplier of goods or services. You can connect to your followers on a greater level by using quirky language and humor, while also promoting events or activities, or even sharing links to your interesting and useful blog posts.

You can also tweet non-business-related things! How about an image you found funny or inspiring? Or maybe a group photo of your company staff during your Christmas party or anniversary? Anything that makes connections will do! Give your followers the impression that there is more to your business than just making money.

It Generates Leads

Tweeting about the launch of new products, services, or discounts and other special offers may help encourage more followers to learn about your company. This will eventually lead to sales.

It Gets You Feedback

Many businesses across multiple countries use social media campaigns, including Twitter marketing to invite online, real-time feedback, comments, or reviews. Let your current and future customers know they are important and what they say matters. Let them know that it helps you provide your best business and services to them. These pieces of information are also helpful for customers doing research for their own purchases.

It Improves Customer Service

Most customers say that asking questions about the products or services that they are eyeing is fast and easy via Twitter. Many successful companies have invested in this, offering 24-hour customer service for all types of inquiries, with staff answering in a more personal tone. This delights customers. Aside from getting fast answers, the warm hospitality you show through virtual assistance is highly appreciated nowadays.

It Gives You Trends

One of the greatest benefits of Twitter is research. What are the trends and topics that most users are interested in these days? Through Twitter, you can look for conversations or news that people are talking about in real time. It keeps you in the loop of trends within your industry. Are your products or services in demand right now? You can even see what Twitter users are saying about your industry, your brand, and even other companies, which helps you keep an eye on your competition.

Other Benefits of Twitter for Business

  1. It promotes brand awareness.
  2. It increases the visibility of your business.
  3. It boosts your SEO.
  4. It provides direct access to the public and increases your customer base.

Helpful Tips

The benefits of Twitter for your business are pretty clear. However, getting started may be challenging. Where do you begin? What does it take?

First of all, you need to sign up for an account. Creating a Twitter account is fast, easy, and FREE! Then you need to make sure you are making posts, called tweeting, that people find interesting. Draw them to you like a moth to a flame.

Now that you have piqued their interest, tweet about things that others will want to re-tweet. As mentioned earlier, tweet about your products, services, events, special offers, and more!

Keep your followers up to date and do not be afraid to encourage feedback. Two-way communication is the key to increasing your customer base.

Follow the people who follow you. Follow tweets of interest. This will keep you updated on changing trends and the interests of your potential customers. It will also keep you informed of what they are saying about your brand and even the comparison between you and your competitors.

Remember, there is nothing better for your business than word of mouth. Hire a social media manager from a reputable digital company like Advanced Digital Media Services. You need someone who can oversee your online activity and make active and engaging posts!

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