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How Google My Business Updates Can Help You This Pandemic

How Google My Business Updates Can Help You This Pandemic

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2020 will forever be marked as one of the toughest years for most businesses because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has brought lower revenues, disrupted supply chains, altered work arrangements, and many other challenges that businesses need to adapt to. Apart from this, businesses have also been forced to be creative and innovative in how they conduct their operations. They need to continuously find ways to connect with and engage their customers who might be looking for ways to know about their operations during COVID-19.

Businesses have used several channels to be able to do this. There has been a rise in the use of social media as an online marketplace and most businesses have also stepped up the use of their website and delivery platforms. However, apart from this, there is actually one other platform that businesses can utilize in this time of pandemic that could help in keeping their customers informed and knowledgeable not just about their operations but also about other important matters during the pandemic. This platform is Google My Business. In fact, updating your listing can help you a lot.

Tips on Using Google My Business Updates During The Pandemic

You’re probably wondering how Google My Business updates can aid you during this difficult time. As such, we have compiled a list of things you can in Google My Business that would be a big help during the pandemic.

1. Post a Temporary Closed Status

The pandemic has seen many businesses close down to cut on their losses. The lockdown has also forced businesses to temporarily close. However, for consumers, it can become confusing as to whether their favorite or preferred businesses are temporarily closed due to restrictions or are already permanently closed. By using Google My Business’ new temporarily closed feature, you will be able to inform your consumer and they will know that your closure is only temporary, preventing them from switching to your competitors forever.

2. New COVID-19 Post Type

With the pandemic taking over most aspects of our lives, Google My Business has let businesses post content on their Google My Business about COVID-19. These posts are given more importance and appear more prominently in your listing than others. This is the perfect way to post any COVID-19 related matters about your business such as your new delivery methods to aid those who are staying at home or your new safety protocols, including social distancing, wearing of masks, and limitations on the number of people inside your store.

3. Update Your Store Hours

Restrictions in place are usually aimed at keeping people at home or avoiding large crowds in public places. Apart from this, curfews had also been implemented in many parts of the world. This means that stores cannot operate as much as they used to. Most have shortened their operating hours during this time. For these businesses, it is important that customers are informed of these new special hours especially given that the volume of customers during this time is low. Luckily, one of the Google My Business Updates is aimed at supporting the publishing of special hours during COVID-19.

4. Do a Google Maps Business Update

Because of low revenues, some stores have not been able to pay their rents and forced to vacate the premises. Most of these have started looking for alternative locations which are cheaper and more economical while others have started looking for smaller spaces given that some services such as dining in are currently limited. If for whatever reason, you have decided to switch locations for your business operations, you must update your listing in Google Maps as this will be a big help for customers looking for your new location. It will also help you attract more customers in the locality where you transferred.

The pandemic has forced a lot of businesses to make changes to the way they operate. Aside from being creative and adapting to the realities, businesses must not forget to let their customers know what is happening to them and what are they up to during the pandemic. Otherwise, there is a chance that customers will forget them now and even after COVID-19. Should you need help with navigating Google My Business updates, Advanced Digital Media Services can help you! If you want to know more about this and our other services, kindly fill out the form below!

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