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How to Add New Website Content to Boost Organic Traffic

How to Add New Website Content to Boost Organic Traffic

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Does getting the top spot on search engines and boosting organic traffic feel like a distant dream? You can improve your brand’s performance and rank by adding new website content on a regular basis.

A website can provide a steady stream of shareable content. However, if you do not update it often by adding new content, you are not going to get much traffic, especially returning visitors. Posting links that lead to the same content on your own site on multiple pages is pretty much useless. Search engines will register it as duplicate content, and this will lead to your website losing ranking and resulting in not much, if any, traffic.

These days, you need to be creative and have sources that lead people to your site. In this respect, content marketing is the way to go!

Posting new content on your website is important, and not just for the shareable content, itself. This also benefits search engine optimization. Google, for example, will reward sites with higher ranking if they stay updated. Don’t overdo it though; posting new website content three times a week, once a week, or even once a month is more than enough to drive traffic to your website in the long run.

Here are some suggestions on how to add new website content effectively to boost organic traffic:

Post Weekly Tips

Post a weekly tip about your niche, just a paragraph or two, and add a photo.

Publish Weekly News Snippets

If you are trying to drive traffic to your business, post a weekly news snippet about what’s going on, new products, sales, an event that your business is having, etc. Don’t forget to add a photo.

Include “Top 10” Articles

Create a short list, like a top ten, of articles you’ve read and found helpful and/or inspiring. Post their links and a brief explanation as to why you liked them.

Write for Your Target Audience

Check who is always visiting your site and what are they looking for. Are they searching for a new product or service that is related to your business? Write something related to these searches. Also, consider how old they are and where they are located.

Make Sure There Is Enough Content on Your Post

A 300-word post is enough for a brief description. However, if you are writing FAQs or help guides, it should be at least 600-900 words. Anything over 1,800 words carries more authority and weight, provided it is high quality.

Write for All Digital Platforms

Is your content viewable on all devices? Your content should be just as easy to read and understand on a smartphone as it is on a PC if your goal is to reach more clients.

Post Video Content or Do Live Streaming

Video content is more attractive for some visitors. You can interview an expert about a specific topic and create a short clip of it. A length of 5-10 questions will be more than enough. Giving the questions to your guest will make the interview go smoother, especially if you live stream. This is also shareable content for social media postings.

Use Internal Links

Make sure that your new content has internal links to relevant pages on your website, allowing your visitors to learn more while still engaging with you.

Optimize Metadata

This information, provided to search engines, includes a page title and meta description. They are visible to users who search on Google and should provide quick information about the context of your content.

These are just some of the basic and yet most important tips you should follow when adding new website content. We at Advanced Digital Media Services can help boost your organic traffic through our team of SEO experts. Do you also need a website content writer? We’ve got you covered! Fill out the form below and speak to one of our representatives. We look forward to helping you!

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