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How to Build More Backlinks to Your Website

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When it comes to traditional link-building, there are quite a few strategies that most companies will use. While guest posting is the most popular, there are many other options on how to build backlinks that will help your content flourish and grow.

What are the best actions to help drive more backlinks to your site?

Blogger Reviews

Give away something in exchange for a review. Offer a free software download, a free product, or a free service. Offer something that your current customers and future customers would find great value in. This will encourage your customers to write reviews about you and your brand with a link back to your site.


Another effective technique to try for backlink building is the use of testimonials. Make a list of all the services and products that you have used over the past year. Visit their websites and see if they have a testimonial page. If they do, contact them and direct them to your site to read over the review you posted about their product, brand, or service. Let them know that they have your permission to include your testimonial on their page with a link back to the testimonial on your site.

Reclaim Links

Look for sites that mention your brand, products, or services and see if they have linked back to you. If they haven’t done so, then drop them a quick email asking them to please provide a link back to your site.

Website Directories

With the right knowledge and expertise, building links is easy with website directories. Create a unique description for your site and submit it to as many website directories as you can. This is a great way to drive backlinks to your website. This provides you with even more exposure on the internet and greatly helps to improve your search engine optimization (SEO).

Approval for your site submission does take time, but it is definitely worth it because of the increased exposure it will generate. Please read the submission rules for each website directory you submit to; failure to do so could get your site denied.

Blog Directories

It’s important to know how to get backlinks from blog directories, also called blog aggregators. You’ll need to create a 100% unique description for your blog and submit it to as many blog directories as you can. This is a great way to drive backlinks to your blog as well as your website. This provides you with even more exposure on the internet and improves your search engine optimization (SEO). Approval of your blog, like your website submission, may take some time.

Social Media Guest Poster

Do an advanced search on social media, like Twitter. Search for things like “Your product + author” or “your services + article” or “your brand + guest post” or “your company + write for us.” Once you return some results to your query, look them over and see which bloggers write well and create engaging posts. Decide which ones are more suitable for you and to your brand. Once you’ve made your choices, create a top-quality guest posting pitch to recruit some guest bloggers on your own blog and various social media outlets.


Infographics are an effective way to bring data to life. They transform complex information into graphics that are both visually appealing and easy to grasp. It is a collection of charts, images, and a bit of text that gives an easily understandable overview of a topic. Infographics help to build brand awareness, boost engagement, and are a creative way to drive backlinks.

In conclusion, by applying these strategies, you can drive backlinks to your site and increase site traffic. Keep track of each initiative by using an analytics program, such as Google Analytics. This will help to keep you appraised on your most effective resources and what avenues you need to strengthen. Capitalize on all opportunities and your business will grow.

At Advanced Digital Media Services, we specialize in executing the latest SEO strategies for any business, which includes backlink building. Let our team handle all the work for you so you can focus on what you do best!

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