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How to Use Pinterest for Business

When it comes to business marketing on Pinterest, you want to make sure the pictures that you produce are visually pleasing and engaging to the eye, as it is a photo-sharing media. According to Pinterest, some of the images that receive the most attention are pins that show how to use a product, such as an infographic.

Create a Pinterest business account and search to find out the newest or most trending topics and keywords in your niche. This will give you an idea of how to best promote your products or services via imagery.

Pinterest has an ad option, better known as Pinterest ads or Promoted Pins. These pins are very similar to regular pins; however, a promoted pin will be viewed by more people than a regular pin. Pinterest also provides a way for you to see your analytics. These analytics will give you information on who is viewing your page and pins. Analytics is a great way to learn about your audience demographics and what your most viewed pins are.

Learn how to promote on Pinterest. Follow these tips to advertise business on Pinterest successfully:

Contests, Promotions or Giveaways

You can create a board (page) that lists any contests or giveaways your business may be offering. Contests and giveaways will pique the interest of viewers and help drive traffic, as well as potential customers to your business.

Creative Widgets

Creative widgets are found by clicking the three dots to the right of your profile name. You can use these widgets to advertise business on Pinterest creatively. They offer plenty of options like choosing a shape, adding a sidebar, adding a header, and more.

Show Off Playlists

Pinterest allows you to pin videos. This is a great way to promote your products with interaction and not just imagery, therefore continuing to showcase your business and products for your audience.

Reading List

A reading list allows you to create a board (or page) full of articles and books. This is great for posting product tutorials, testimonials, etc.

Gift Guides

Gift guides, as the name implies, are for special occasions. This is an excellent feature of Pinterest for business. It allows you to create special promotions and sales for your customers that center around a given holiday season or even a milestone your business has reached.

Rich Pins

Rich pins are pins that are more straightforward and seamless, as they show extra information directly on the pin. A few types of rich pins include:

  • Article Pins: These will allow your viewers to see article headlines, tutorials, and testimonials.
  • Product Pins: These show you what the price of your product is, the link to the product, and where to purchase.
  • App Pins: these allow your viewers to download and install your app without leaving the Pinterest site. Currently, app pins are only compatible with iOS.

The use of Pinterest for business gives you the opportunity to reach more customers, create revenue opportunities, and get your business and products noticed.

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