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How to Convert Abandoning Visitors Into Loyal Customers

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Attracting people to visit your site is just the beginning. Once they have arrived on your website, it is important to keep them interested, encourage them to look around, and eventually convert them into customers. This conversion will increase sales and repeat business from existing customers. But what about those visitors who abandon your site? How do you convert abandoning visitors into loyal customers?

We have gathered everything that you’ll need to help with everything you need to know about how to convert website visitors into opportunities. Our cohesive strategies generate website traffic, convey a brand’s values, and ensure that website leads come back as loyal customers.

Reasons Why You Get Traffic But No Conversions

Your visitors abandoning your site without making any purchases or converting is worse than little traffic.

If you want to know how to convert abandoning visitors into customers, you should start by learning the following reasons that may hinder conversions.

1. Your website is not attracting the right traffic.

If your website leads aren’t converting as well as you would like, it could be that you’re not attracting the right people. What can you do to fix this problem? You can use a heat map as part of your web converting strategy.

Heat map tools are handy when it comes to monitoring the behavior of your web visitors. These tools allow you to see which areas of your website your visitors are spending the most time on. What makes them return to SERPs? They give you an idea of where they click or what sections of your site they are looking at.

2. Visitors don’t find what they are looking for quickly.

Did you know that an average web user’s attention span is 15 seconds? This means that you have only 15 seconds to persuade a visitor to click on the next tab or stay.

Is it possible to convince your visitors to stay on your site for a short time? You are the only one who can answer this question. Do the right thing, and you may never lose your visitors. You can direct visitors to the page that best suits their needs.

3. Too many pop-ups are showing on your website.

Pop-ups can be irritating. However, they won’t bother you if they are implemented correctly. You cannot afford to show too many pop-ups on your page at once.

Pop-ups can generate huge traffic but not convert visitors too well. It is high time that you took action. What should you do?

  • Use one popup at a time on your homepage.
  • Limit your pop-ups to a maximum of one or two pages, if possible.
  • Consider using slide-ins instead.

4. It’s difficult to navigate your website.

Poor user experience can be a deal-breaker that you should not take lightly. You can find it in many forms, like the following examples:

  • Confusing or difficult navigation
  • Disconnected text and images all over the page
  • Slow page loading speed
  • Illegible text
  • Outdated or poor design

Think about redesigning your website and implementing content upgrades if you find any of the mentioned items affecting user experience.

5. Your sales funnel has leaky holes.

It’s not likely that every visitor to your website will purchase anything. Only a fraction of visitors to your site will become customers or subscribers.

How can you turn casual visitors or convert abandoning visitors into customers?

You can easily build a sales funnel, also known as a conversion funnel.

If your sales funnel is not properly optimized or has any leaky gaps, you will not see the conversions and sales you want.

5 Effective Strategies to Convert Website Visitors to Loyal, Long-term Customers

Website visitors abandoning your site can happen for many reasons. They don’t want what you have to offer, or they aren’t getting what they need. It might be tempting to offer a down-sell, but you know it isn’t a good idea. Here are strategies you can start to implement to ensure conversions:

1. Improve website design

It takes 0.05 seconds to form an opinion on a website. This is an insane amount of time to create a first impression.

Your website visitors must be captivated and impressed within five milliseconds, or they will bounce. These are some ways you can make a great first impression when designing your website.

  • Avoid clutter and hard-to-read fonts. A good website theme is a must-have.
  • The power of colors can influence moods and affect people’s behavior. Choose the right colors or consider changing the buttons and link colors.
  • A website’s design is only as good as its copywriting. One word can make a difference in the minds of visitors. So invest in quality copy for your website.

2. Use exit-intent pop-ups

Exit-intent pop-ups are web converting tools that appear when you click the exit button. These pop-ups are a great way to get subscribers. They aren’t as intrusive as the ones that appear when a visitor enters your site. You can also give them one last chance since they are about to leave your website.

Exit-intent pop-ups can help you recover between 10% and 15% from your soon-to-be-abandoned visitors.

3. Implement personalization

It is difficult to create something unique online today because the internet is so competitive. Personalization can make your website visitors happy, despite the digital competition.

Personalization is key to impressing your visitors and winning their trust. How do you do implement it? Here are some tips:

  • Personalize your lead magnets and exit overlays by taking into account specific visitor concerns.
  • Send personalized push notifications to the right touchpoints
  • Based on your order history, show customized product recommendations
  • Your customers can receive personalized, special discounts

4. Mobile-friendly websites are a must

Your website is viewed by more than half of your visitors via mobile devices. The mobile version of your site is what visitors see first. It makes sense to focus your efforts on making your website mobile-friendly.

Make sure you use a responsive theme or website builder that is mobile-friendly. Your website should be responsive, meaning it should load perfectly on any device, regardless of screen size.

Mobile devices should load your website in 3 seconds or less. People have short attention spans and tend to abandon your website if it takes too much time to load.

5. Include a prominent, clear CTA

This may sound obvious, but did you know that 70% of small business websites do not have a CTA on the homepage? This is a huge mistake that can ruin your website’s purpose. Users won’t be able to find any direction without a CTA and will abandon your website.

First, think of a strong CTA that you can use to attract visitors to your website. Next, add it to your homepage in at least two to three places. Your CTA should be visible and placed at the top of your homepage.

Attract, Engage, and Keep Loyal Customers

Online marketers should also make it a priority to convert abandoning visitors into customers. Conversion should be a priority when designing, building, and maintaining your website. It should have a consistent structure that conveys the brand’s value, is easy-to-use and leads customers to conversion.

Let a Denver SEO firm like Advanced Digital Media Services (ADVDMS) help generate website traffic, facilitate content upgrades, and keep website visitors interested with an engaging site. We know how to convert website visitors into opportunities with tools and hacks that can help you increase sales and give you complete control over your business’ success.

Discover how we can help you and your business today. Contact us.

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