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Innovative Website Design Ideas to Incorporate in Your Current Website

Innovative Website Design Ideas to Incorporate in Your Current Website

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What comes to your mind when someone says top web design? If you haven’t hit the web recently, you’d be shocked that there are countless interesting web design ideas popping up every day. It is never too late to enhance your website’s overall look. Here are some tips to get you started!

1. Try a Functional and Modern Design

Nowadays, people are a lot more straightforward about what they want. They will appreciate it if your website design is minimalistic and direct. The era of countless buttons, endless text, and cluttered links is over. People opt for something that directly caters to what they’re looking for. Scrolling through different website tabs not only takes a lot of time, but it is also dull and boring.

Upgrading your website to attend to your visitors’ needs is one of the web design best practices. People are likely to go back because they know that your website is efficient and effective.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment with Colors

Times are changing. Color palettes speak volumes about your brand. Do not be afraid to mix things up. Dark colors may not be as catchy and pleasing to your visitors. Maybe it’s time you opt for something minimal, vivid, or vibrant without different elements overpowering each other. If the color schemes that you’re using are calming and balanced, your visitors are likely to continue browsing.

Don’t forget that your background color complements everything. You can opt for neutral backgrounds so that your foreground will pop more. This will put emphasis on your products or services. This is an interesting web design idea because you can experiment and try to see what fits best. Your color scheme should speak for you, too. It will be easier for people to remember your brand if they automatically associate your business with a particular color palette.

3. Consider Using Striking Illustrations

You can shake things up when it comes to illustrations, animations, images, and transitions that you include on your website. As far as top web designs go, it wouldn’t hurt to try something out of your comfort zone. However, note that too much of something isn’t always good.

When we say striking, we mean that it should be something unforgettable. An image or illustration that leaves a mark on your visitors’ browsing experience. It should be aesthetically pleasing to their eyes. Don’t be scared to try something out of the ordinary like 3D imaging, debossing, embossing, drop shadows, and many more. If you are not confident with your skills, you can always hire a professional to do it for you.

4. Try Changing Your Font

If you are not satisfied with your website’s overall appearance, it might be because your font game isn’t strong. Your font choices matter. You may not put a lot of consideration into it, but one of the web design best practices includes choosing a font that adds a little something extra for people to remember your website.

There are a lot of unique fonts available online that you can play with. Try incorporating some fresh font into your content alongside your current choice of font and see if they compliment each other. Fonts are like color schemes, they either match or they don’t.

5. Highlight Your CTA

Now that you know that it is vital for your website to be visually appealing to your visitors, let’s not forget to shine a spotlight on your company’s products and services. An effective website design idea should also emphasize the things that makes your company different from the others. It should be clear and direct. Do not forget to include links or further details that they need to know if they plan to buy whatever it is that you’re selling. Your CTA should answer what the product is, who the product is for, and how people would benefit from it.

Transforming your website shouldn’t be a tedious job. We at Advanced Digital Media Services can provide everything that you need for your website. Our team is dedicated to giving your business its well-deserved appearance through our meticulous and professional-looking website designs. We can’t wait to work with you. Contact us now!

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