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Long-Tail Keywords and SEO - What's There to Know

Long-Tail Keywords and SEO: What’s There to Know

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The growing competition in short-tail keywords makes it challenging to earn a reasonable ranking.

There is a way to join the tide of the competition. Long-tail keywords are a creative solution to the challenge. They’ll bring loads of traffic to your site and more. It is an SEO tactic that can deliver promising results.

Google’s top priorities are intent and seamless user experience. With the rise of voice search technology and conversational search, longer keywords are more crucial. A long-tail SEO strategy is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

Advanced Digital Media Services has come up with an all-in-one guide. Discover long-tail keywords finder, how to incorporate those keywords in your web content, and more.

What Are Long-Tail Keywords?

They’re longer and more specific compared to your usual keywords. These keywords target a specific niche and answer a specific query. They make them impressive because they have a low search volume, lower competition, and high conversion rates.

What makes long-tail keywords strategic is that you have a lesser competition to beat. They’re called long-tail because when you check the keywords you use by their search volumes, you’ll see them on the “long tail” end of the curve.

Being on the long tail end of the curve means that fewer people are searching for these long phrases each month. However, the low search volume doesn’t mean that they’re not working. It’s even easier for your website to rank with these long keywords.

You’ll also see a significant change in your conversion rates. Most of the time, users using long-tail keywords are closer to making a purchase or availing of a service.

Why Use Long-Tail Keywords?

1. They Have Lower Competition.

As mentioned, it’s easier for websites to rank when using long-tail SEO strategies because 70% of web searches come from these keywords. Start incorporating them in your content and take advantage of the opportunity.

2. They Increase the Visibility of Your Content.

The specificity of these keywords makes it possible for your website to be seen by a larger demographic. Two individuals searching for the exact keywords may see different results.

Google results are more specific in terms of location, age, interests, gender, etc. Using long-tail keywords makes optimizing your website for different types of users easier because they’re specific.

3. They Have Better Conversion Rates.

They have higher conversion rates because people with specific search intent make firmer decisions when purchasing a product. With short-tail keywords, users are still gathering information.

Long-Tail Keywords Finder: How to Get Started With Long-Tail SEO Strategy

Now that you know the answer to “why use long-tail keywords?” the next thing is to get started. There are various ways to get started on your journey in a long-tail SEO strategy. Of course, there’s a need for extensive keyword research, but here are some steps you can take:

1. Have a Look at Google’s Keyword Suggestions.

Type a keyword in Google’s search bar, and you’ll see long-tail keyword suggestions pop up. The ranking in which these keywords come up likely depends on the popularity of the search query among users.

2. Check Out Related Searches at the Bottom of Search Engine Result Pages.

Google SERPs are showing you more opportunities than you think. There is a wide range of long-tail keywords that you’ll see at the bottom. It will give you ideas on popular searches.

3. Use Long-Tail Keyword Finder Tools.

Different keyword research tools can also produce a list of long keywords. Most of these tools are free, but you will have to pay some to access unlimited searches. Here are some keyword research tools:

  • Google Trends
  • SEMrush
  • UberSuggest
  • LongTailPro
  • KWFinder

What Are the Benefits of Using Long-Tail SEO Strategy?

Now that you know what are long-tail keywords for in SEO, here are some of the benefits of utilizing this SEO tactic for your website:

1. Personalized Web Content

The thing with short-tail keywords is that you might end up with the same content as everybody else. With a long-tail SEO strategy, you’ll use keywords that are three to five words long.

These keywords are targeted and specific — that might include gender, location, or nationality. You can base your content on the keywords themselves.

2. Rank for Short-Tail Keywords, Too.

Most of the time, longer keywords already have short-tail keywords in between. These keywords might also be the keywords you want to use to rank. Using these keywords will help you rank in both aspects.

3. Ready for the Future.

Search engine algorithms and voice search are more focused on these keywords. They’re conversational and are a strategic ingredient in SEO. Voice assistant technologies are more inclined to deliver snippets with long-tail keywords in them.

All in all, using long keywords in your content is vital for the growth of your website.

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