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Everything About Google's Featured Snippets

Everything About Google’s Featured Snippets

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“Position 0” is the main target of any company’s website.

Featured snippets are the first results on top of the search result pages. It provides relevant information to a query that is usually pulled from top-ranking pages. Since snippets are on top of the number one result, they have higher click-through rates and web traffic.

It is best to understand what is a Google featured snippet, how to optimize your website for it, and the benefits that come with it to maximize its advantages. Find out more about featured snippets here at Advanced Digital Media Services.

What Is a Google Featured Snippet?

Snippets are short fragments of information that appear on top of the organic search results. It provides quick and relevant information to answer a search query. Snippets are either in the form of a list, table, or text with an image or video.

When Google snippets feature your content, you might be wondering if you’re losing clicks because the answer is displayed right away. However, snippets are only an overview of an article, and they show the basics. Users still have to click on them to get the complete information.

What Are the Different Types of Google Featured Snippets?

Leveraging the advantages of snippets begins with understanding their different types for specific search queries. Here are some of them:

1. Paragraphs

Paragraphs present definitions or answers to search queries. If you search for a specific question, the snippet will include additional information on the subject. Definition boxes provide a straightforward definition of a word.

2. Lists

Featured snippets in lists are either a ranking of things, step-by-step processes, or different products. The results are bulleted lists that are either ordered or unordered, ranked or unranked products or items. The most common type of list you’ll stumble upon is “best of” lists.

3. Tables

Google snippets that are in table form are the most common. It provides users with a summary of data, which they can easily visualize. Table snippets show comparisons of different data.

4. Videos

Youtube is another search engine giant. Video snippets are one of the best types of snippets that rank. If your video helps answer user queries, your video will end up in the snippet box. Try ranking for “how-to” videos.

Why Optimize Your Website for Google Snippets?

Now that you know what is a Google featured snippet, the next thing is to optimize your website for it. Doing this will increase your visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). Website owners worry that because of the snippets, the number of visits or click-through rates will suffer.

It may be true for simple queries, but featured snippets are helpful in complex search queries. As Google will only display an excerpt of the information, users will still have to click on the link to get to the landing page.

In short, this SERP feature is a way to use your content marketing and SEO strategies to generate organic traffic and improve visibility.

How Do You Get Your Content to Rank for Featured Snippets?

The thing with Google is it has ever-changing algorithms. There’s no specific way to get your content featured in snippet boxes. The algorithms continuously evaluate search rankings and featured snippets — to find content that provides the best information for search queries.

A query that has been answered by a list may be replaced with a different type of snippet. It will all depend on the algorithmic changes that affect search engine results rankings. The best thing you can do to guarantee a chance to get featured is to create quality, targeted content.

Here are some things you can do to acquire “Position 0”:

1. Look for Snippet Opportunities.

First things first: Find a search engine result page that already has a Google featured snippet. It will give you an idea of how to approach your content. Aside from manually typing keywords to look for snippets, there are keyword tools you can use.

2. Optimize Your Content for That Specific Featured Snippet.

Now that you know the snippet opportunities, the next step is to optimize your content. There are different approaches to different types of featured snippets:

  • Definition: Provide Google with a 40-60 word snippet. “What is X” type of headings will give you better chances of earning a spot in the snippet box.
  • Table: Google doesn’t scrape information from content and formats it as a table. Instead, Google uses tables that are already there.
  • Ordered List: Present the list or process in a way that Google can easily understand. Wrap each step in H2 or H3 text or type in words “Step 1” or “1.”

3. Utilize Long-Tail Keywords.

The majority of featured snippets come up when users’ queries are long-tail keywords. The key is utilizing extended versions or variations of a specific query. Check out the “People also ask” portion to get an idea.

Advanced Digital Media Services Can Help

Featured snippets and SEO strategies go hand in hand.

Advanced Digital Media Services has a team of experts specializing in SEO. We are your partners in establishing an online presence and getting ahead of the online competition.

Our team is up-to-date with the latest SEO trends. Book a call with us today, and let’s start discussing your company’s future in the digital world.

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