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Marketing Trends for 2020 and Beyond

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As a website owner, you are likely aware that new trends in digital marketing are always waiting just around the corner. We can assure you there are internet marketing trends for 2020 and beyond that you will definitely want to stay on top of. The pace of new marketing disruption never slows down.

Disruptive innovation in both marketing and software forces online companies to evolve within a whole new economy of best practices. While it might be challenging to keep up with all the new trends, learning from innovative digital marketing campaigns and techniques can often bring about new opportunities.

1. Get Familiar with the Term “Zero-Click Results”

This is the result when Google provides an answer to a search query with an automated snippet. Google is beginning to generate its own answers when it displays search results. Organic search results are in hot competition for the user’s attention. Search results are now the result of knowledge panels, featured snippets, and videos. As such, there will be a growing decline of organic traffic that results from top-performing keywords.

Zero-click SERPs are becoming more competitive. On search results pages, users find their answers displayed directly. The information satisfies the user, and they do not have to search any further if they choose not to. The challenge is now for SEO professionals to remain effective in their marketing efforts. To do this, SEO professionals will have to master optimizing themselves to page 1 of the search results.

2. Improve Your Keywords for Featured Snippets

Take a closer look at your best ranking keywords and optimize them in the hopes of winning a featured snippet. You can use tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs to check current organic rankings and determine if any of your keywords are displayed in featured snippets. Google tends to populate rich snippets from a marketer’s top 10 keyword rankings.

3. Optimize Google Sitelinks

Sitelinks are those links shown right below the description of a snippet. These links point to other relevant pages on a website. Google shows them when it deems they are useful to the user. This also enables site owners to create direct internal links to relevant pages.

4. Use Schema Markup When Necessary

Schema markup should be an additional tool wherever and whenever you think appropriate. This aids Google in understanding what your content and pages are all about. Google will also assign a star rating to your organic search results, which can increase your credibility among users.

5. Sign Up for Google My Business

My Google Business is still a viable option for gaining traffic in branded searches. It’s easy to sign up and then verify your Google listing. This can also help your listing in Google Maps. Remember, it all matters. This is especially true when considering that most people search for products and information via their cell phones. They are looking to buy now, and knowing your location can influence their buying decision.

6. Do Social Media Marketing

Social media channels are hardly new trends in digital marketing in comparison to some others mentioned here, but their importance bears repeating, as it is ever-growing. Optimize your social media accounts by appearing in knowledge panels. A knowledge panel is one that appears in an information box when a person searches Google for people, organizations, or other things listed in its knowledge graph. It provides a quick snapshot of the information available on a topic.

The information provided in a knowledge panel comes from numerous sources across the Web. This can also inspire your company and marketing team to become a subject matter authority. Google’s knowledge panel can display all of your business information in one condensed location.

7. Invest in Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality will also play an important role in future content marketing. VR allows users to completely immerse themselves in a video experience. This can be an amazing way for users to engage with potential customers.

As you are probably starting to realize, there is a plethora of opportunities to learn about new marketing trends and SEO tools that can send more business through your company’s front door.
It’s not easy because SEO never sleeps. However, the right professional web design services can get your business up to speed and taking its rightful place in Google search results.

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