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Millennials and Social Media

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A whopping eighty-eight percent of millennials, ages ranging from twenty to thirty-six as of 2019, claim to use some form of social media. When it comes to marketing, big numbers lead to big success for a business, and in this way, millennials can be useful in countless ways.

Converting Millennials to Customers Through the Use of Social Media

Only a mere twenty-two percent of millennials shy away from any form of social media. The fact that millennials take first place in sheer numbers, using them as an audience for your company is a safe bet. Through social media marketing, you can make your company more engaging, therefore appearing friendly, trustworthy, and approachable in the eyes of your following. This guarantees a flow of interested customers, who ideally convert to satisfied customers that are loyal to your brand.

On your social media accounts, you can post pictures and videos or even alert your followers of an event, such as a sale that you are hosting. Social media has proved to be a great way to attract a wider and younger audience.

Tips to Market to Millennials

If you want to increase your audience, then social media is where you start. These are some of the most important things you need to remember when doing social media marketing for millennials.

1. They Connect with Brands through Content

Millennials are not very responsive to traditional advertising. Content marketing is the key when building trust with them. They are interested in engaging with authentic brand messages and stories that will help them understand your products or services better.

Make real connections with your target millennial customers by posting quality content on your websites. Educate them with relevant blogs and demonstrate your expertise in the industry. This will also show some of your brand’s personality and voice through the tone and topics of your blogs.

Nowadays, social media allows for one to post not only text, but also pictures, videos, and even links. Images and videos are more appealing to millennials than plain texts. The links will also lead your followers straight to the company website or online store. This is a quicker and simpler method for getting your products or services out there and noticed.

2. Online Reviews Matter

Millennials are good at research. They often look for reviews before deciding to buy a product. Use real people and pictures to show results. Tell them stories about your products and services, your company’s values, and how it changed the lives of many. Ask your satisfied customers to post online reviews and tag you on your social media accounts.

3. Aesthetic is Important

We are in a time in which college students yearn for the “aesthetic.” As long as you can take an aesthetic picture of your business, you are doing it right. It’s quite popular now for young adults to purchase a good or service that they can take a selfie with, to later post and drown in hashtags. This, in turn, means they have just become a living ad. By providing them with something or somewhere to take a picture, your business has ensured a rush of young customers and numerous likes and reposts.

4. Mobile Friendly is No Longer Optional

Mobile web design is another crucial aspect of successful social media marketing. If millennials are your target group, you have to make sure that your website and content are well optimized for smaller screens like smartphones. Millennials’ social media usage on mobile devices is nearly 100%!

5. Tie in with Influencers

Influencers are an effective way of engaging millennials. You can ask them to share your post or create their own that will feature your products. You’ll see a good level of reach and engagement, as they often have a dedicated fanbase. Many millennials look up to influencers, and if you get the right person for your brand and campaign, you’ll see results in no time!

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