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Off-Page SEO Techniques: Looking Beyond Backlinking

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What is off-page SEO? Off-page SEO refers to the techniques that marketers can use to improve the visibility of their website beyond the normal efforts associated with web design. It is about finding additional ways to rank better. Marketers generally spend about 30% of their time on off-page SEO. They spend the other 70% of their time with on-page SEO. The benefit of investing in off-page SEO techniques is that they help signal to Google what people actually think about your website.

Inbound links, or backlinks, are one the most recognized aspects of off-page SEO. When people link to your site and those links are valuable, search engines will naturally assume that your site has relevance and great content. Of course, great content is that which provides value to others.

However, links are only one aspect of off-page SEO. A mention of your brand on another site, without a hyperlink, can also be an off-page signal that works in your favor. As a digital marketing company, we think it is important to share other off-page SEO tips that are non-link related. We will break it down into four general sections.

1. Social Media Marketing

Another popular off-page SEO tip is the use of social media. Social channels have forever changed how the world communicates. Each day, more than two billion people around the world communicate through social media. The United States accounts for approximately 80% or more of those users. As social media engagement continues to grow, businesses will have to expand their online presence and brand if they want to stay competitive. For marketers, the challenge is to stand apart from all the noise.

2. Guest Blogging

One of the best organic off-page SEO techniques is blogging. You can leverage guest blogging as a powerful tool to send traffic to your website. Guest blogging can occur when you blog on someone else’s site or invite someone to blog on your site. Both methods present an opportunity to communicate with a captive audience. Guest blogging on your own website also helps increase content. Remember, Google loves fresh, relevant content. Incorporating guest blogging in addition to your own blogs will ensure a steady flow of new content to help grow your readership.

3. Unlinked Brand Mentions

Unlinked brand mentions get too few mentions when speaking on the subject of SEO. Brand mention happens when someone mentions an enterprise or brand online in the body of a website blog, social media post, article, or some form of written content. You will find many brand mentions embedded in online reviews. You can also find them in complaints from unhappy customers and praise from satisfied ones. Brand mentions are yet another example of good off-site SEO techniques that can help you discover what people on the internet think about your brand.

Unlinked brand mentions can help create visibility and awareness as well as personality for your brand. Brands that are consistent and ones that people recognize and trust are the ones they turn to for solutions. People always give preference to things they feel familiar with. If you run a successful business, there is a good chance someone is talking about your brand at this very moment. Hopefully, it is a positive mention.

Brand mentions are usually a person’s unbiased opinions of a product or service. When you learn how to monitor these mentions, you can better understand how your audience uses and interacts with your products, information, or services. Use this information to directly fuel your marketing campaigns.

4. Influencer Marketing

Experts also recommend including influencer marketing in your off-page SEO techniques. This is another form of social media that registers endorsements offered by influencers. Influencers are people who possess a level of expert knowledge on a subject and who have large numbers of followers. Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing means of getting a company’s brand message out to the world. Influencers have an entire economy of followers with the power to sway opinions and move markets up or down.

In order to take advantage of this influencer economy, you must first build trust with influencers. They have to be willing to link to your page to legitimize their own authority on a particular topic. To build this level of trust, your site must offer valuable information in the form of tips, ideas, and suggestions that can help move the needle for others.

While inbound links are not the only tool in the SEO bag, they do matter a great deal. Google values those inbound links to your site because it means someone believes in your products or services. They value your site or web page enough to link to it from their own site. As long as your site provides value, influencers and others will continue to find their way back to you.

Advanced Digital Media Services, a digital marketing agency that offers the best SEO services, can help your company find its way in a highly competitive world of online businesses. We can teach you even more off-page SEO techniques and take your efforts to the next level.

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