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Power Up Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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Marketers and website owners are well aware of terms like SERPs, analytics, keyword research, and link building, etc. However, many do not realize that email marketing services can help boost SEO efforts in a mighty way. Google does not rank marketing emails on its search engine, so it is easy to overlook email marketing as an SEO strategy.

However, email marketing can be the perfect method for connecting high-quality content to high-quality visitors. Search engine optimization is largely a matter of putting relevant, useful, and shareable information on the web. Email marketing campaigns can put some of your most relevant content in front of people where it belongs.

Of course, the widely accepted reason behind an email campaign is to get click-throughs and not necessarily to enhance SEO efforts. The truth is email marketing is a digital marketing channel and one that no marketer should overlook for extracting SEO benefits.

Benefits of Email Marketing

1. An email marketing campaign can drive qualified traffic to your website.

By qualified, we mean customers who are aware of your products and services and who are willing to engage. We can place an emphasis on qualified traffic. Personalization is another factor when it comes to reaching customers who can become buyers. Of all the channels that marketers use to try and reach prospects with a personal message, email ranks at the top of the list.

2. Newsletters provide targeted content.

Consumers now have high expectations for receiving newsletters that marketers can tailor to consumer tastes. Effective newsletters, when targeted, can drive traffic to websites. The traffic that arrives is more likely to convert.

3. More engaged traffic is good for SEO.

The visitors that arrive through email stimulation are more likely to engage with website content once they arrive. These visitors will spend more time on pages and decrease bounce rates. It all looks good to Google’s algorithm.

4. Email marketing produces useful data.

An effective email marketing campaign can offer insights into how to create a more targeted content strategy. It is easy to test elements of the email such as its subject and opening response rate, etc. Over time, marketers can accumulate a lot of data that helps to shape other elements of the marketing strategy.

5. Data from email marketing campaigns can inspire new content.

Marketers can analyze high-performing emails and create an entire economy of new content from the information they gain. The email marketing campaign manager can create newsletters and original website content for subscribers since it is easy to ascertain their needs and interests.

6. Placing content in front of a targeted audience lays the groundwork for social shares.

The content of your email marketing campaign can find its way onto various social media platforms. Having a list of subscribers willing to share content on their own channels increases the chance of more people finding their way to a marketer’s website. While Google claims that social media shares are not a ranking factor, the idea of increasing brand visibility should never fall by the wayside. One of the best email marketing tips is the use of social media as sharing can open the door for future link building opportunities and greater brand awareness.

One of the biggest reasons to create and execute an effective email marketing strategy is to find ways to impact other elements of the overall marketing strategy. To some, SEO may seem to be an unrelated endeavor. The truth is there are numerous ways that email marketing services can help boost search rankings and brand awareness. Anything that can drive traffic to a website can fall under the umbrella of SEO. Marketers can leverage their knowledge gained of subscribers to develop unique content creation strategies.

If you are a marketer, one of your marketing goals will always be to place relevant content in front of your audience. While Google states that email marketing campaigns do not have a direct impact on ranking, it only makes sense that anything that improves brand and inspires prospective customers to look more closely at your products and services is a good thing.

It was only a generation ago that the majority of people bought almost everything they needed from local retail stores. That world is long gone. E-commerce and the internet have changed the world and its shopping habits. The internet has become the shopping destination for everyday items. Consumers look to the internet for non-perishable goods and information on products and services.

People of every age group and background use the internet to shop. Your email marketing campaign can extract a lot of information from every group. Use this information to build content strategies that will attract prospects and turn them into buying customers.

The next best thing for companies looking to find ways to increase incoming traffic is to work with the digital marketing professionals who tackle SEO challenges, including email marketing services, day and night for a living. Advanced Digital Media Services, a digital marketing agency that offers SEO services, can help you reach your digital marketing goals by utilizing every proven successful strategy to ensure the growth of your business.

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