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Quick-Fix SEO Solutions That Can Quickly Boost Your Search Rankings

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While SEO is a long-term strategy, there are some immediate best practices that your company can implement that will gradually help to improve your rank. There are even numerous things marketers can do to implement quick SEO fixes that can likely speed up the process. We suggest the following.

1. Optimize Structured Data

Structured data is code written in a specific format that search engines can easily understand. As such, search engines can display search results in a richer, more relevant way. The code is easy to add, for those in the know. Rich snippets in website HTML can help Google to understand and reveal to the world what that content is all about. Rich snippets can contextualize products, businesses, reviews, and pertinent information about businesses. Google likes it when you simplify things in ways that will benefit the user’s experience.

2. Improve Existing Content

There are always existing pages that you can optimize on your website. New content is great, and you should always have a plan in place to add relevant information. You can provide quick SEO fixes by optimizing meta descriptions, headers, body content, alt tags, and title tags for existing content.

3. Avoid 404 Errors

Never allow users to arrive at a 404-error page. It is an annoyance and suggests to visitors that you are not taking care of the small things. It is a bad user experience and can definitely increase bounce rates. Find those 404 errors and correct them with proper redirects.

4. Aim to Rank in Google’s Local Search

Not enough marketers focus on their local business listings. Do not overlook the power of setting yourself up with Google My Business. Appearing in Google’s local search pack can rank your website above organic search results. Include all relevant information for your address, phone number, and name. Make sure this information is the same across all of your online assets. Minor mistakes and differences in any personal information can create SEO challenges.

5. Get a Responsive Web Design

Of course, Google now encourages every website to provide user-friendly access. Users can quickly get the information or products they need while on the go. Mobile users expect to find helpful information and needed products immediately. If not, they will explore a more helpful site. A responsive website design will properly fit the screen of any user device. This goes back to marketers providing the best user experience possible.

Responsive website design is also more cost effective. The composition of a responsive site design requires a solitary source code along with a solitary administration and substance framework. A mobile-friendly site can also increase website sales because more people each year are using their mobile devices to shop.

This increase in numbers shows no signs of slowing down. A mobile site can also increase Google ranking over time. SEO takes time, and there is no guarantee for how long it will take for ranking improvements. However, taking action at the right time will place your website on the pathway to success.

6. Use WordPress

While WordPress is not the only platform for web hosting, it happens to be the friendliest for SEO purposes. There are countless free plugins that marketers can use to their advantage. However, website platforms are always a personal choice.

7. Get Backlinks

Come up with a plan to gain backlinks from relevant websites. This is trench work. It is never an easy task, and it will take some additional effort on your end. You may have to trust the skills of an expert digital marketing agency to help you build a backlink SEO strategy. It may include guest blogging. You can also set up Google Alerts to keep track of any brand mentions. If you find they do not have a link back to your website, you can reach out to webmasters and ask them to include one. Once you get the hang of building backlinks, they can become a source for relevant SEO solutions.

8. Check Google’s Search Console

Never overlook the power of low-hanging keyword fruit. Google’s search console can provide a list of queries that caused your website to appear in search results. You can gain information about impressions, number of clicks, and the average ranking position for each search query. You can conduct further research to determine if you need to adjust your meta descriptions.
Advanced Digital Media Services is a digital marketing company that can provide your business with the benefits of both quick and long-term SEO solutions. Contact us today and enter your details below. One of our representatives will be in touch to discuss our SEO services and more.

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