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The Pros and Cons of Investing in a PPC Marketing Campaign

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What Is PPC in Marketing?

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a type of digital marketing model wherein your advertisements are placed on a platform and you pay a fee each time your ad is clicked. PPC ads are mostly popular on search engine platforms.

How Does It Work?

Keywords are at the center of PPC marketing. Each time an ad spot becomes available on a search engine platform like Google, bidding takes place for the keyword. Different factors, including the bid amount and the quality of the ad, determine who will get the spot. Winning the bidding ensures that your paid ads are shown at the top of the search results each time the keyword is used. Each time a user clicks your ad, you then pay a fee to the search engine platform. The end goal is to convert these clicks into website traffic and then into possible sales.

Is Investing in a PPC Campaign Worth It?

The answer is not as simple as a plain “yes” or “no.” There are several factors to consider before investing in a PPC campaign. To help you decide, we came up with a list of pros and cons you might want to ponder to determine if a PPC campaign will be good for your business.


Budget Control

PPC allows you to set your own budget by considering the financial capability of your business. Because it involves bidding, you control the amount of money you are willing to spend for each click. You can also tweak or stop ads at any moment, including when you reach a certain number of clicks. Additionally, you only pay for what you get. Unlike other digital marketing channels where you have to pay a certain amount for your ads to be displayed, PPC only makes you pay whenever someone clicks them.

Measurable Results

PPC ads give you measurable results. You will be provided with different metrics, including whether or not your clicks are actually converting into sales from your website.

Real-Time Tracking

PPC allows you to track your ads in real-time. You are given demographics and data regarding which ads and keywords are bringing in more visitors. This way, you have the option to adjust your underperforming ads or boost the ones that bring in more visitors.

Local and Global Exposure

PPC has location targeting, which means you can control where and to whom your ad is visible. This is why it is ideal to both local and global businesses, especially local businesses that are looking to expand.

Quick Results

Search engine platforms are among the best ways to get yourself out there fast. If you’re a new business, it’s going to take some time before users find you on the internet through your own content. With PPC, you can easily bring your ads to the top search results so people can find you right away.


Bidding Wars

Of course, everyone wants a piece of the pie. Given the effectiveness of PPC ads, most businesses vie for the top spot in search results. This can lead to expensive bidding wars against competitors. If this scenario happens, you have to look at whether your bid is still worth it by considering how many conversions you are projected to make from these ads.

Uncertainty of Conversion

Yes, you do get a lot of website traffic through PPC ads. However, there is no guarantee that visitors will buy your product. Meanwhile, you pay for the click even if it does not translate to a sale.

Paid Ads Are Often Ignored

Paid ads in search engines are easily distinguishable, and many users tend to skip these and proceed to organic results. While users still see your business name, and you don’t have to pay when they do not click your ad, the purpose of investing in a PPC campaign (gaining website traffic and converting it into sales) is not served.

Every digital marketing strategy has its own pros and cons. What you have to do is determine which best fits your type of business, your financial capacity, and your target audience. This way, you can maximize your resources while increasing your sales.

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