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The Rise of Near Me Searches: What Can It Do for Your Business

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Before, finding products and services in your vicinity will require the use of paper maps, cellphones, and even the actual act of taking a stroll outside. But thanks to the internet and recent technology, finding the nearest local businesses is just one click away.

According to a study of e-commerce activities, 81% of people worldwide use the internet to find products and services. As online users are increasingly conducting location-based searches every day, the tactic of adding these two popular words – “near me” – has become prevalent.

What Near Me Searches Do?

Near me searches allow a user to find everything right here and now. Depending on the combinations of words, you can get specific local search results that are often time-sensitive.

According to Google, there has been growth in words that people add in their searches to find answers to their immediate needs. Since its introduction in 2011, they have witnessed an increase in location-based searches paired with time-based keywords such as:

  • Now (150%+ growth in searches like “burger near me now” and “Chinese delivery near me now”)
  • Tonight/ Today (900%+ growth in searches like “games playing near me today”)
  • Open + now (200% growth in searches like “grocery store near me open now” and “museums open near me right now”

The rise of “near me” search queries demonstrates the eagerness of users to find and visit a specific business to purchase their offered services/products. This consumer behavior clarifies how near me searches are critical for marketers in reaching a wide range of local audiences.

If you want your business to get the attention of “near me” searches in your area, Advanced Digital Media Services is here to help you build a more substantial brand presence through relevant and effective SEO strategies. Here is how we increase your chance to become Google’s top “near me” suggestion.

Near Me Searches for Your Business

Google is now stepping up its game in handling billions of “near me” queries every month. In one enter, Google can display a list of nearby businesses that ranked within the search criteria.
However, you can still elevate that step. Learn how to rank for near me searches and set your business for success.

How to Optimize for Near Me Searches

Before optimizing your business, you have to understand your target market’s search intent. Think about what questions might lead to your business and offer them trustworthy options. To increase your business presence on local search, make sure to set up the following:

1. Mobile-friendly site

Since 2015, the number of global web traffic from mobile devices has reached 54.8%. With the emergence of quicker internet speeds and connections, these numbers are expected to continue growing.

This continuous growth is why you must set up a website that will offer a smooth mobile experience as most near me searches happen on mobile.

2. Indexed NAP Details

If you want your customers to find you, you have to ensure that your name, address, and phone number (NAP) are visible on your website. You can create a specific page to index your NAP details and your business schedule.

Take time to optimize your landing pages, especially if your stores are in multiple locations.

3. Google Business Profile

Google continues to dominate the internet in bringing businesses closer to their audiences. A report from Google showed that 60% of consumers use the Google My Business interface to find the contact details of products or services that interest them.

For your business to be on top of local business searches, add your complete NAP details, opening hours, and website URL to Google My Business. Do not forget to add photos showing business amenities and ensure that your business information is always up-to-date.

4. Local Business Structured Data

Google search engine processes queries which translates to 3.5 billion searches per day. If you want to stand out among these searches, having a structured data markup code, listing your business address, contact details, and opening hours is an influential ranking factor.

Markup codes provide search engines with details related to your business, indexed in short snippets to help your clients easily see and understand your service.

5. Positive Reviews

Customer reviews carry weight in gaining an increase in web traffic. In fact, 90% of online users read reviews before visiting a business website.

If more locals leave positive reviews and recommend your business, others will highly likely be encouraged to check your page. In addition, responding to reviews is also an incredible way to attract new customers and boost your local rankings.

Services and products mentioned in online reviews also affect the search engine ranking. So don’t hide review options from your business profile and answer your customers gracefully.

How to Write Content for Near Me Searches

Creating high-quality content about your products and location is another way to get your local business on top of search results.

One best way to acquire links with appropriate anchor text of your business name and location is by writing and maintaining blogs that answer your customer’s “I want to know” questions. If you do not have a list of queries, you can conduct local surveys and publish your reports on your blog.

On the technical side, to increase your chance of being on top of search results, you can optimize your blog by:

  • Keeping user-friendly website address
  • Optimizing title and tags for target keywords
  • Adding images and videos with proper location tags
  • Presenting descriptions to your websites such as store hours, portfolios, store directions, and other amenities

Leverage the power of near me searches through optimization solutions, engaging content, and a compelling online presence. Advanced Digital Media Services aims to help businesses get on top of the digital marketing world.

We make sure that what you put online will generate sales. Contact us right now to know how we do it.

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