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The Top Ways Video Content Can Elevate Your SEO Efforts

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Google is always present, and the search engine tends to prioritize websites with video content. If you own a website, you can no longer ignore the power and ranking benefits of videos.

Business owners expend great effort thinking that SEO is merely an attempt to rank on Google and other search engines. The reality is that SEO concerns optimization of any online content. As such, YouTube happens to be the second biggest search engine in the world. Google also owns YouTube.

The YouTube Ecosystem

Ranking within the YouTube ecosystem is something that you should put time and effort into. Google gives preferential treatment to YouTube videos, so if you create videos on a channel and optimize them, you can rank. Post enough of them, and you may likely see a solid impact in SERPs.

When doing your video marketing, there are a number of keyword planner tools you can use. Make sure to optimize each video’s title. Description tags and meta data are just as crucial is if it were a typical webpage. For videos, meta descriptions should total at least 200 words. Add as much contextual information as possible without taking away from the video. This is video, and the video itself will offer the major impact. Your goal is not to have to create ultra-content for users to engage in. Let the video do the talking.

Video content can say far more than mere words. If you plan your video production well enough, it can help you build a brand and business reputation. Videos can help website owners share their core business message in a unique and compelling way. It can help your company tell its story like no other media. People will spend the time to listen to and watch your videos. This can be especially effective from an SEO standpoint as well. The longer people remain on your site, the more likely your site will rank higher.

Visitors with a compelling reason to explore your content are more likely to engage with your business. The mere presence of videos can send a signal to search engines and communicate that your website has relevant information to share. Of course, video search engine optimization is important. You should use analytics and monitoring tools to determine bounce rate and dwell time for each video. This helps you to target and deliver the information that viewers engage with the most.

Social Share Relevancy

The more relevant your video content, the greater the likelihood that people will share it, so make sure you know your audience and the kind of information they seek. Consider whether your video approach is to provide information, or make people smile or cry. Videos can also educate and add shock value.

Of course, if your online business has solid traffic and a good number of social media followers, your videos will be like adding icing to the cake. You may already be on your way to winning social shares. While social shares are not as powerful as links, they matter. Many people who like your video content will link back to it. The great thing about videos, too, is that they are often low budget. Here are some additional ideas for video marketing that can help drive traffic and shares:

  • FAQs and videos that troubleshoot everyday issues often get lots of mileage.
  • Use video content to teach customers how they can get the most from a product or service. Those customers will appreciate the heads up.
  • Customer testimonials can provide a huge win. Just keep in mind that testimonials should be real. Consumer trust is critical. They are generally willing to give both positive and negative feedback, but they are even more willing to share negative feedback.
  • Customers also warm up to videos that show your behind-the-scenes operations. They like to know the company they are dealing with.

The great thing about video content is that business owners can tailor videos for a variety of causes and budgets. Keep in mind that consistency is a key element that can lead to success. Done right, your audience will continue to visit your site and look for new videos. If you disappoint them, your website can lose momentum, and search engines will realize that your content is no longer fresh and engaging.

The Benefit of On-Site Conversions

Video can play a huge role in driving traffic and inspiring conversions. SEO video marketing can also prompt visitors to sign up for your mailing list or inspire them to follow you on social media.

Video search engine optimization can drive business through your front door, but like thousands of businesses, your company may find it a bit difficult to focus on the bottom line while diverting attention to SEO efforts. That’s where we come in. As a premier local SEO company, we engage with SEO night and day, and we know how to use videos to help companies rank their websites, increase traffic, and increase conversions!

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