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The Use of Social Media in the COVID-19 Era: What Has Changed?

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When lockdowns and quarantines were imposed worldwide due to COVID-19, people turned to social media for some much-needed distraction and human interaction without the risk of exposure and infection.

The use of social media has changed due to its increasing usage in the past months. Users have become more open to new platforms, influencers, and brands as they spend more time on their devices.

One of the most popular examples of this is the rise of TikTok. This is a relatively young social media platform where creators can exhibit their creativity and ideas through short videos. Some of the popular content that gets published includes duets by two different users, dance matches, or even random challenges. Users started using TikTok to ease their boredom during confinement, but it has now turned into more than that — as reflected in current social media trends.

Because of the heavy use of social media during the various periods of lockdown, companies and business owners took advantage of the situation to amp up the advertising for their products and services. COVID-19 turned the internet into one of the focal points where advertising can reach the most potential customers, and it is not stopping anytime soon.

Here are just some of the ways the current use of social media can significantly impact any businesses and marketers in the long run.

People want genuine positivity.

Having a positive aura is an attractive trait during a pandemic. Many people will need cheerful and uplifting occurrences in their lives, since being confined and lacking human interaction can be depressing.

When social media users log on to the internet, they will be searching for current social media trends that are inspiring and positive. They won’t search for news or trends that are negative and stressful since the confinement itself is stressful enough. Inspiring and lively content pieces are likely to be visited by users since it stimulates them positively during dark times.

If you’re planning your advertising strategy, focus on generating inspirational content that positively impacts your followers. Build a brand that is caring and community based. Since people are looking for positive content, it is better to give or show them things that can make them feel good.

Current social media trends show that beyond just quality entertainment, being creative and positive while forming a stronger connection to your audience can get you far. Since your target audience will change their needs through time, it is beneficial if your strategy can adapt to this. You’ll improve and develop your audience engagement if you interact with your audience based on what they’re looking for.

People want to be entertained.

As mentioned before, quality entertainment is key. The use of social media during this COVID-19 pandemic is due to people wanting to get away from the negativity that’s been going around. For example, TikTok might have started as just another video-sharing platform, but now both younger and older generations have turned to TikTok to express themselves and keep themselves entertained.

A word of caution: While people want positive, stimulating content, most of them are still wary of people using the pandemic for humorous content. Since positivity and creativity are the current social media trends, users find it inappropriate when companies or creators use COVID-19 as content for their gain. It’s insensitive for those greatly affected by the pandemic and is rude to take the situation lightly. Note that people feel stressed about the pandemic; they’ll be searching for entertainment that can de-stress and help them move through the burden.

People want to feel comfort and human connection.

During lockdowns and quarantines, people feel isolated because they don’t have enough human interaction. Since they feel alone, they want to have physical and emotional contact as soon as possible. They’ll try to find ways where they’ll feel connected with another person.

This is where the use of social media comes in. People have found that joining group chats, watch parties, online games, and making blogs or vlogs can connect them to others without being physically there.

Companies have learned to connect and strengthen communities by filtering users and then connecting them to others with common interests. Brands have used gimmicks like themed weeks and influencer-led videos and chats, which give their brand a sense of community. Community hashtags that require users to post selfies and other content have also gained popularity in recent months.

These are just some methods that social media users have employed to find comfort and a sense of community. So, if your company can adapt your strategy quickly, you shouldn’t fall behind even in the face of massive change. Getting professional help is also a good idea. At Advanced Digital Media Services, we have a team of social media marketers who can help you with your campaigns. Fill out the form below to speak with one of our representatives.

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