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Top 7 Essential Google My Business Features for Marketing

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In 2014, Google launched a tool called Google My Business. As the name implies, it was created for businesses and other organizations who wish to establish their presence online.

Google My Business is free. All Google My Business features can be utilized without paying a subscription fee, unlike any other platform.

According to eMarketer, approximately 60% of Americans use their mobile phones or tablets to search for local services or products. So, setting up a Google My Business account will surely benefit your business.

We’ve compiled seven of the most essential Google My Business features so you can see how you can strengthen your online presence.

1. Description

Prospective customers and clients trust businesses whose Google My Business information is updated. It’s the best way to let people know that your business exists.

With this feature, you can tell your prospective customers what your business is about. Use relevant and informative words to present your business. Your description should not exceed 750 characters, so make the most out of it.

2. Customers

In this feature, you will find three divisions—Followers, Messages, and Reviews.

The “Review” section is an integral part of your business profile as it is one way of tracking whether people are satisfied with the product or services you offer or not. Displaying good reviews from satisfied customers will attract more people to look into your business.

For the “Followers” section, you have the option of building a community with those who follow your business. Here, you can update your followers about new offers and services that you have in your business.

The third section is “Messages.” You can use this part to communicate with your prospective customers and answer their queries.

3. Question & Answer

Instead of answering repetitive questions through private messages, this feature allows questions to be asked publicly. Let your audience ask questions, so you will know exactly what information they need from you.

4. Google Posts

This feature makes it easier for you to update your audience about what’s currently happening in your business. This one allows you to draft and publish posts that contain text, images, and even videos.

One tip we have for you is to reference a date in your post if it is an event promotion because Google deletes posts after seven days of publication. However, if you reference a date, the posts will be deleted after that date.

5. Appointment Bookings

If some of your products or services are availed by making reservations or booking appointments, you can use another Google My Business feature called “Appointment Bookings.”

This feature will allow you to link your website where people can book an appointment or make a reservation. This makes it convenient for your prospective customers and clients as they will not have to search for your website anymore. They will be automatically redirected to it once they click the link.

6. Analytics

With Google My Business, information about the number of visitors, how they found your profile, and what action they took after visiting your profile will be provided through its “Analytics” feature. This feature can help you learn more about your prospective customers and what sites and platforms you can tap to strengthen your online presence.

7. Small Thanks

Google My Business also has a feature that can highlight positive reviews and comments given by your customers. The feature is called “Small Thanks.”

Through this specific feature, positive reviews and comments can be turned into customizable posters. This feature helps you attract more prospective customers as they can easily see how many people love your services or products.

If you have some questions in mind, such as, “How to get my business on Google?” Advanced Digital Media Services is here to help you! Our team can set up your Google My Business profile to ensure that everything is done properly. In addition, we can also manage your posts, so you can have more time to focus on your business.

If you have any questions or inquiries about our services regarding Google My Business, you can give us a call or send us an email. Our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to assist you!

We are looking forward to getting in touch with you soon!

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