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Video Transcription: An Underused SEO Trick for Digital Marketing

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When it comes to SEO, you cannot afford to miss any best and new practices. Digital marketing is becoming increasingly more competitive every day.

Videos are among the most interesting pieces of modern media. However, if Google cannot index them, then they are essentially invisible to searchers. One of the best solutions (and yet the most underused SEO techniques for this problem) is video transcription.

How Does Video Transcription Affect Digital Marketing?

If your content online is in a video format, you will want a transcript. Here are the reasons why:

SEO Visibility

Unlike a regular blog post, a video does not have a physical imprint in search engines. When uploading a video, you only use the title and the meta description for your keywords so that Google can index your content. How can that compete with an 800-word blog or web page?

If you transcribe video to text, it will get the same SEO benefit as a blog post. Video transcription can help increase visibility and viewer engagement. Evidence suggests that they can significantly increase the completion rate of videos.

A video transcript will also provide enough keyword-filled content for your media to be successfully indexed. When consumers search using keywords that you have used, your video or site will appear on the results page.

You want the dialogue in your video to use relevant keywords too. Remember this when you are writing a script for an interview or any marketing piece.

Better User Experience

Every engagement with your brand must cater to several people with different preferences. Video transcription is one additional service you are giving your customers. You are making your website better suit their needs. In turn, they will show appreciation, stay longer, and hopefully familiarize themselves with other pages on your website, too.

Cater to Your Readers

Videos may not be suitable in some situations. If you transcribe video to text, you will allow your customers to skim and select information quickly, instead of rolling through a video from start to finish.


With several types of content available online, you have to focus on making yours accessible. Your digital marketing strategies should be inclusive of every person’s abilities. Alternative access to content is necessary for people with disabilities, though this is also useful for everyone. Video transcription or subtitles are used by people to bypass noise and improve their written and communication skills.

By adding video transcription to your strategy, you will not only satisfy the spiders of different search engines; you are also improving your SEO ranking. You have also thought about your readers, including their needs and preferences. If they feel valued and have a better experience with your brand, they will come back for more.

Additional Tips and Tricks

There are a few areas where you can further improve the benefits of video transcription. First, make sure that your content is formatted well. A few minutes of video may produce multiple pages of text when translated. You can place the transcript in a small, expandable box so it will not take up the entire space of your page. This option offers a more user-friendly way to display both the video and the transcript.

If you are posting videos on YouTube, you can take this even further. Google uses the annotations videos for SEO. All keywords, texts, and links that are added to the videos will affect the ranking. Use them correctly.

Video transcription provides a very straightforward way to improve SEO, user experience, and the overall value of your content. This is an important piece of the digital marketing landscape that will become more significant in the coming years. Stay ahead of the curve and keep your customers happy by presenting them with multiple forms of content.

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