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How to Use H1 Tag to Improve Your Website’s Ranking

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SEO trends may come and go, but for many years now, it has been said that something as simple as an H1 tag has helped improve many pages’ rankings. How true is this claim?

What Is a Header Tag?

Before web pages existed, published materials like books, magazines, and newspapers used header texts to break up long texts or paragraphs. This text has a larger font to make it stand out from the rest of the copy.

Header tags, also known as heading tags, were introduced in the 1990’s to serve the same purpose for websites. One can use several heading tags on a page. An H1 tag is often used for the main topic, while H2, H3, and H4 tags are for subheadings and other texts

What Is an H1 Tag?

The H1 tag is the largest and most important header on a website. It is used to either introduce the content of the page as a whole or simply reflect the name of the website itself.

Different companies choose to use the H1 tags differently. Some like using it to write full sentences, while others limit them to one or two simple words. However, there are SEO benefits to using the H1 tag as phrases with keywords that are relevant to your content because they are more descriptive.

SEO H1 tags, when placed correctly and naturally, are a valuable resource for any website trying to outrank their competitors.

How Do You Use H1 Tags for SEO?

While an H1 tag may not directly influence SEO, it is still valuable to spend time optimizing it because of its indirect benefits. The use of H1 tags on your page can help improve user experience, which in turn boosts your page ranking in search results.

The use of relevant keywords at the top of your page and the presence of desired information in this location makes the H1 tag important.

For example, if your topic is about baking supplies, it would be sensible to use the phrase “Baking Supplies” as your H1 tag. However, adding more information to make it more specific, such as “Where to Buy Baking Supplies,” will more likely help you rank for a specific query. This clear statement will help reduce bounce rates.

To further optimize your H1 tags for SEO and users alike, make sure to:

  • Remember that the H1 tag should be the same or slightly different from the page title.
  • Use H1 tags on every page. A proper introduction is important to avoid confusing your readers. You do not want to read a newspaper article without a headline, right?
  • Make all of your H1 tags unique. Never duplicate content.
  • Use accurate and descriptive keywords. Instead of “About” or “About Us,” why not say “About Our Baking Shop”?
  • Avoid keyword-stuffing.
  • Be creative! Your H1 tags do not always need to be in a form of statements. You can phrase them in a question form.
  • Style your H1 tag differently than the rest of the headings.

Can You Use More Than One H1 Tag on a Page?

You can, but it will not have any effect on your SEO. Search engines will crawl several H1s on a single page, but the main objective of this tag is to focus on one keyword phrase or sentence, as opposed to many. The presence of more than one H1 tag will dilute the SEO power of a single H1.

If you want to add additional header tags, you can use H2, H3, and H4. These are smaller and are perfect for introducing different subtopics or questions. These tags are also important for SEO but do not have as much weight as the H1 tag.

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