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Web Design or Web Content: Which Is More Important?

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Website content and web design are pillars of a robust online marketing campaign. Both components play an essential role in building a website and whichever comes first depends on your goals for your website.

Nonetheless, both share the same goals of improving the user experience and making the best first impression.

Website content and web design work hand-in-hand to create successful websites with high user engagement levels, search engine rankings, and conversion rates. The general rule of thumb here is that each component on your website should have a purpose in helping you gain new leads and have them convert into potential customers.

There’s no doubt that you need both factors to arrive at this conclusion, but how do you decide which comes first? – To answer that, we will look into both the “design-first” and “content-first” approaches of creating a website.

Why Is Content Important in a Website?

Some designers who create new websites focus on the website’s appearance – including its theme, color scheme, and layout, before working on the text, photos, videos, and other information to be placed in it. However, this approach overlooks what people visit a website for – website content.

For many web designers, knowing the website content (or at least its length) should come first. After all, a well-designed website would be meaningless without quality content.

Here are some reasons why the “content-first” approach is preferable:

1. Content aids in high conversion rates.

While the website’s visual designs and aesthetics make up the first impression of visitors, website content determines whether your visitors will convert or come back again to view your website. Simply put, content breathes life into your web design.

Furthermore, websites with good web designs but poor content do not generate the best traffic. Your website should contain content that answers all customers’ questions regarding a product or service. The more visitors find information or services they are searching for on your website, the greater the opportunity for lead conversion.

2. Content promotes your company.

Since your website is your window of communication to the online world, it should contain good content that provides consumers with the necessary information about the company, its services, and promotions.

Your website content should educate site visitors about the benefits of your service or product. Also, it should support and align with your organization’s mission. To ensure that you provide relevant content, you should regularly update it and offer up-to-date solutions that help site visitors view your company as the leader in your industry.

3. Content guides web design.

Determine your content first and let it guide the design direction. For instance, if your content involves more videos than written words for your promotions, then your website should have a template built for videos. You should do the same if you’re going for a text-based approach.

In the content-first approach, copywriters hand content to web designers who will prepare the design layout for the content. With content provided first, web designers would find it easy to come up with a web design that suits the tone of the content.

The Importance of Website Design

A website wouldn’t have an identity without a unique web design. A design-first approach is a feasible alternative to the content-first design process. Here’s how:

1. Design paves the way for constraint writing.

Design can influence content and vice versa. Good writers are flexible and can fit website content within the constraints set by web design. That’s because a design layout serves as a guide to inform copywriters about the number of headings and amount of content needed for the site.

Even a simple sketch or initial design offers an excellent framework to create website content. Overall, this proves that starting with some design elements can help writers obtain a solid foundation for great content.

2. Design improves user experience.

An attractive layout or design can get your visitors to linger on your site, especially if the design layout makes visitors less confused when navigating through the site. Visual elements play a major role in improving the user experience. They make it simple for visitors to identify what they can see on your website easily.

Also, a professionally designed website creates a great first impression for your visitors before they go through your content. Once you’ve captured their attention, staying on to view more of your content comes easy. Your brand stands out as it communicates confidence in presenting your services and products.

Is One Better Than the Other?

A website would not be successful without high-quality website content and a proper web design. Writers and designers should communicate with each other and collaborate, wherein a copywriter sends content to the designer, and a designer builds a template of what the design would be.

Website content and web design should complement each other. Creating a harmonious relationship between these two factors can increase website traffic and set up more conversion opportunities.

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