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Web Hosting vs. WordPress Hosting

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Online business owners worldwide know that a website is a must in today’s competitive business landscape. Developing one has become the best method to reach a target market, engage potential leads, and drive business growth. Furthermore, a website that caters to your business growth needs a good web hosting plan. It may seem like a straightforward requirement, but choosing a web hosting package can be a challenge.

Companies that provide web hosting services offer different plans. You can choose between web hosting vs. WordPress hosting. To decide which package is best for you, you must know their differences and what they offer your business.

Learning the difference between hosting and WordPress hosting provides you with a better idea of the most sustainable package for your business.

Web Hosting vs. WordPress Hosting

When we talk about web hosting, we refer to the different forms of web hosting. It is a term used with any or all types of web hosting plans available. On the other hand, WordPress hosting is a more specific hosting that focuses solely on the WordPress platform.

Depending on the provider, you could end up using VPS WordPress hosting, shared WordPress hosting, or other types of web hosting. WordPress hosting is identical to other types of web hosting, but it has more to do with the additional features than the type of server you will use.

To understand the difference between web hosting and WordPress hosting, you need to know that these two are not so different from each other.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is an environment designed to cater specifically to WordPress websites. Like any web hosting program in most aspects, the only difference in WordPress hosting is having a tailor-made plan perfect for WordPress sites.

Benefits of WordPress Hosting

Quick Load Time

WordPress hosting caters to WordPress sites, making it incredibly fast and easy to manage. It can drop your response time and the loading speed of your page by a second.

Better Security

WordPress hosting offers advanced security measures that are specific to the needs and vulnerabilities of your site. You can ease your mind from any worries about security issues or getting hacked because WordPress hosting service providers know WordPress-specific commands to fix the issue.

Increased Uptime

Aside from the quick load time and better security, you will also enjoy automatic updates with WordPress hosting. These automatic updates will keep your website running with the best and most updated version of the system, making it accessible to your audience.

What is Web Hosting?

If you are not familiar with the different hosting plans available for your business website, website hosting is one of marketers’ most common hosting plans. Aside from WordPress hosting, it is a service that gives you the ability to post your website on the internet. A web hosting service provider offers all the services needed for your business to be visible on the internet.

Getting more views is an opportunity to attract more customers and sales. When users want to view your site, they will have easy access by typing your website address into the browser.

Benefits of Web Hosting

Improved Site Performance

Your site’s performance is one of the most critical factors that contribute to your business. It only takes a few seconds to capture the attention of your audience and engage them. You must have a good web host to deal with issues like loading speed and ensure that you have a high-performing and optimized business website.

Seamless Technical Support

If you don’t have the skills required to ensure that your site performs seamlessly, a web hosting service provider will surely take that load off your back to provide top-notch website performance.

Domain-Associated Email Address

Most business owners use a branded email address that uses their domain name and promotes their site. If you want your business to look professional and credible, you must have a domain-associated email address. Most web hosting providers have email management tools to help you achieve this.

How to Choose Between WordPress Hosting vs. Normal Hosting

If you’re trying to decide which hosting plan is best for you, here are some of the questions you need to consider:

  • Do you have a tight budget? Web hosting plans are usually cheaper than WordPress hosting plans. If a web hosting plan meets your website’s needs and budget, you should opt for it. However, if a WordPress hosting plan’s features suit you better, and you are willing to pay the extra money, it may be a better choice for you.
  • How important is security to you? WordPress hosting is undoubtedly more secure for websites.

Make A Choice With ADMS

Choosing between WordPress hosting and web hosting can be a challenge, so you must keep all of your needs and capabilities in mind before making a choice. Make sure that you go with the best hosting plan for your website, and you will have little to no problems when it comes to managing and keeping your business website optimized.

At Advanced Digital Media Services, we guarantee that your site is hosted on a reliable server and protected through regular security updates and increased performance. We have a group of professional website developers who know what your business needs to increase visibility and build a credible presence online. Call us now!

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