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What is Google My Business and Why Do I Need I

What is Google My Business and Why Do I Need It?

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When competition arises, it’s not always easy to find ways to stand out in the crowd. That’s why most businesses establish online profiles to make it easier for people to find out about them. If this is the first time you hear of Google My Business, continue reading!

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free marketing tool created by Google. This tool allows users to see details about your business. However, not every business owner knows how to utilize this marketing tool to the fullest.

If you’ve already created your business profile, you’re probably wondering how to manage it. What most people often skip is creating their Google My Business account. Mind you, creating an account is also free of charge.

If you’re wondering how to use Google My Business for SEO, that’s how. By establishing your account, you now have complete control of it. Control it how? You’ll claim ownership of the business, unlock features that are only available to business owners, and the management rights.

Once you have everything set up, your business will appear on Google search results and Google Maps. This online placement is beneficial to small and even big companies. Your business profile can also serve as your lead generation tool. When Google finishes scanning your account and making sure that there are no duplicates, your business profile will become live. It means that people can now upload photos, leave reviews, and ask or answer questions. Google will also gather extra information about your business and put it on your profile.

What are Google My Business Listing Benefits?

Now that you know the answer to the question, “Does posting on Google My Business help SEO?” (which is YES!) We’re now going to tackle the benefits you can get if you still need a little more convincing.

Here are the reasons why you need Google My Business in your life:

1. You’ll Be Discoverable.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it; visibility matters. When you create your profile, people who surf the internet will find you easier. You should know that people use the internet to look for anything, including services, products, and companies.

Your Google My Business profile can also drive your sales, web traffic, and conversions through the roof. This boost can also enhance your local SEO, so you can be confident that you’ll show up on top of Google results.

2. It’ll Keep Your Customers Informed.

When you’ve established your Google My Business account, you can now manage and improve what people see when searching for you. It discourages potential clients if there is no contact information and business address available.

Besides that, don’t leave existing customers wondering if you’ve already changed your e-mail, telephone numbers, and what-not. If you’re going to argue that there are review sites with that information, not everyone will go through all that hassle. Your business profile should include the following:

  • Business hours
  • Contact information
  • If you’re temporarily closed due to COVID-19

Failure to let your clientele know about these details can result in bad experiences and bad reviews.

3. It’ll Boost Consumers’ Confidence.

How can a business profile boost a customer’s confidence? When they see that you have a legitimate business listing on Google, the higher chances you have that they’ll do business with you. People are also likely to trust your business when you have one. They’ll be able to see five-star reviews that will urge them to utilize your products and services.

When your business has online reviews, people will skim through them. They’ll weigh in whatever pros and cons there are before making a decision. According to research, users trust reviews they see online as much as recommendations made by friends.

Businesses should learn to maximize all marketing tools available, especially those that don’t have a price tag attached. When you do this, you’ll see how it will change the course of your business.

If establishing your business listing is confusing and taking a toll on you, we can help! Advanced Digital Media Services offers top-notch Google My Business Setup and Posting. We can help your business achieve any of its online goals. Call us now!

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