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Why Do a Hashtag Campaign?

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Since the launch of different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, most of us have used hashtags to participate in conversations, trending topics, and even important issues. Hashtags are a powerful tool to be noticed on social media or to promote a cause. If you want your social media post to be seen and used by many, you can use hashtags to promote it.

For businesses, hashtags are very important in promoting their products and services. A hashtag campaign can really make a difference in your sales and online presence when done correctly. A simple hashtag can go a long way. It can bring you a bigger audience, help promote your brand, reach your target audience, and even boost your SEO.

What is a Hashtag Campaign?

Hashtags are used by different types of businesses to launch social media campaigns because it is an easy way to be noticed and gain popularity. A hashtag campaign is a marketing strategy to keep up with ever-changing trends and a dynamic audience. Designing a specific hashtag to promote your brand is the main essence of hashtag campaigns. It is a creative strategy that is perfect for startup businesses to establish an online presence and gain exposure.

Here are the reasons why you should definitely start a hashtag campaign of your own:

1. Increase Your Reach

Instagram and Twitter have implemented an algorithm to help users expand the organic reach of their posts. With a million posts and tweets everyday, it will be very hard to capture your customers’ attention by simply posting a photo. Your best strategy to cut through the noise are hashtags. They help you specify and categorize your content and show it to your target audience.

As much as this would help you expand your reach, keep in mind that using too many hashtags can cause Instagram to ban your post. In order to avoid this from happening in the future, you can use specific hashtags for your promotions and events. Learn from established brands and businesses to find out what you are lacking. Check which hashtags your followers, and even your competition, are using and borrow the most effective ones.

2. Raise Awareness for Your Brand

The main goal of a hashtag campaign is to let everybody know what you can offer. By using relevant hashtags, you can make your target users take notice and raise awareness for your brand. You don’t have to be extravagant in using hashtags and posting different banners. With just the right hashtags used with the right post, you can gain many followers and customers in no time.

3. Raise Awareness About a Specific Topic

Hashtags can help spread awareness about important topics and can even help them go viral. You can use this to your advantage and spread awareness about your company, your products and services, and the causes which you support. Be active and raise awareness on important topics that your company supports so that people will see your brand as socially responsible.

Leaving an impact on specific issues such as peace, safety, and health will lead millions of people to support what you stand for, and ultimately, support your brand itself.

4. Join Trending Topics

You can also do your research and see all the trending topics on social media and use it as a strategy to boost your marketing techniques. Join a trending topic that is relevant for your brand and use the right hashtags. This way, all of the people involved are already talking about the topic. This will result in a wider reach, including people who are not already a part of your target audience. Using hashtags for topics that are not related to your industry can still benefit your brand.

If you want to join topics related to your niche, you can simply wait for a related trending issue and join it right away. This will bring you to the right audience, and you can even add other posts related to the topic. The best marketing strategy you can use is to join trending topics during the holidays. Regardless of your niche, it will always be easy to join holiday trends.

5. Promote Events and Programs

If you are hosting webinars, contests, or giveaways, you can boost your engagement and exposure through hashtag campaigns. People love hearing about competitions and giveaways more than anything. It is always good for your business to host these kinds of programs because it will help you build trust and relationship with your customers.

You can also promote discounts and sales and even new product releases in social media. Be creative with your hashtag to make sure that you will attract the right people.

In order to boost your sales and help your business grow, you have to know how to create a successful hashtag campaign. Monitoring the trending issues, keeping up with all the related topics, and customizing a good hashtag can be a lot to do on top of all your other marketing strategies.

Advanced Digital Media Services has the best social media marketers who can help you gain the exposure and awareness you want for your business. Promote your business on social media with the right system and you are sure to succeed!

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