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3 Types of Video That Improve Content Marketing

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In marketing, there are several content types you can use to get the attention of your target market. Among the most popular is video content. For so long, businesses have been using video marketing to get their messages across to their viewers. The most obvious example is the use of television advertisements, which, for the longest time, have remained the most expensive type of marketing you can engage in. As such, in the past, only big businesses have been able to utilize the power of videos in their content marketing.

With the advent of the internet and digital technology, all businesses can now create video content that’s specifically tailored to the needs, interests, and values of their target markets. In fact, the use of videos in content marketing has greatly been amplified with the rise of social media, specifically through the use of sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, among others. However, while customers often associate videos with social media marketing, businesses should not limit themselves and should apply video content to other channels as well.

Different Types of Videos for Marketing

Apart from trying to maximize the use of video marketing in every possible way they can, businesses should also choose which among the several types of video they want to use for their content marketing. Doing so will help them introduce their brand to the consumer, as well as ensure that it resonates with them. Below, we have compiled three of the most efficient types of video used in content marketing.

1. Brand Stories

People always love stories, especially inspiring ones. Videos can be utilized to show the story how your company came to be. You can create video content that brings your audience on your journey with your company and your employees. Promote inspiring videos of how you brand built itself from the ground up through hard work and dedication, or show views a day in the life with your staff.

Apart from this, the main purpose of many brands is to solve problems for their customers. As such, center your videos on the story of how your brand helps clients just like the people watching every single day. Your videos should portray your desire to help customers, and this should be seen as the core of your story and your brand’s existence. With this, your audience will feel that the brand cares for them, thereby instantly building a sense of trust with them.

2. Service or Product Videos

What good is a product if your customers are not aware of it or don’t know how to use it? As such, most of the everyday video content that businesses produce should be related to their products and services. After you get the attention and trust of your customer, the next thing to do is convince them that your products and services are worth their time and money. Through these product videos, you can illustrate how your product can be helpful and useful for them. As for service videos like those for barber shops, salons, garages, etc, these features help customers understand your work and admire your work ethic. It’s a chance to show customers that you only provide the best quality services for them.

3. Client Testimonials

Arguably, one of the most trusted videos are client testimonials. This is because customers feel that these are more authentic and trustworthy. They want to know the experiences of others with your brand, as this will reassure them before they transact with you. Excellent testimonials can easily boost your business and hype it up. Further, while written testimonials are great, video testimonials are on a whole other level. Watching someone share her experience and how they feel about the business comes off as more genuine to other customers. This type of video content can effectively showcase happy customers and earn the trust of new ones.

Video marketing is an essential influence on a customer’s entire decision-making process. It helps in introducing your brand, establishing trust, and convincing customers to make purchases. At Advanced Digital Media Services, we have experienced content creation and marketing teams who can help your businesses in creating inspiring, quality videos that touch the hearts of your consumers. Fill out the form below to learn more about our services!

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