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8 Tips for Retailers to Get the Most Out of Pinterest

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Social media is the new heavyweight in online marketing. In fact, many users divide their attentions across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. While Facebook is probably the marketing platform that most businesses know about, few have started on Pinterest, and those brands are missing out. As of the second quarter of 2020, Pinterest has 416 million active users worldwide. Based on numbers alone, you can just imagine the opportunities for your company should you invest in Pinterest marketing. Knowing how to use Pinterest for business can easily increase both your brand awareness and your sales online.

Pinterest Marketing Tips: What You Need to Know

To help you as you begin to navigate this new platform, we have compiled some tips for using Pinterest.

1. Don’t Overlook Pinterest

First things first: you have to make sure you don’t overlook Pinterest as a platform. Some businesses don’t do Pinterest marketing because they miss the benefits in using it, including the fact that people of all stripes use the platform both for shopping and for getting ideas before they shop. As such, advertising and posting on Pinterest is a good way to introduce your products and services.

2. Keep Posting

Unlike other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, where only your friends or followers can see your posts, in Pinterest, who sees your post greatly depends on the user’s search terms, as well as anything they’ve previously viewed. As such, by continually posting relevant content, you increase your chances of finding your way into a customer’s feed.

3. Never Duplicate Posts

Duplicate posts are a no-no. It gives the impression that your business has nothing new to offer. On a platform like Pinterest, it looks like spamming, which can lead potential customers to looking away.

4. Focus on Quality

Apart from continuously posting, you should ensure that your visuals are high quality. Anything you post can appear in a user’s feed, but if they don’t look good, most users probably won’t pin it on their board. If that happens, then your Pinterest marketing will have been for nothing.

5. Use Relevant Keywords

Much like any other platform, Pinterest also has an SEO aspect. In fact, unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest is actually heavily reliant on SEO, given that what the user sees is based on his or her search terms. As such, you must make sure to accompany each pin with relevant keywords. Think of what you would type in the search box if you were looking for a product like your own, and then incorporate this in your pin description.

6. Target the Right Users

No marketing strategy will work if you are using the wrong method to talk to your target market. This is why you have to make sure you know your target market and then tailor your strategy to them. With Pinterest, you have the option of targeting a specific group, such as your existing customer list or a particular demographic.

7. Use Video

Videos are among the most effective marketing tools online. This is why most social media platforms, from YouTube to Facebook, have strengthened and highlighted their video features. This is definitely something you have to optimize as well when using Pinterest.

8. Do Analytics

The last of our Pinterest tips is to use your analytics. Nothing beats data when it comes to business. When investing in Pinterest marketing, it is important to know what works and what does not to help you either minimally adjust your strategy or shift it altogether. Analytics will help you determine what you need to improve about your Pinterest marketing and what strong points you need to capitalize on.

Pinterest marketing, like any marketing strategy, needs attention, effort, skill, and expertise to be successful. At Advanced Digital Media Services, we have some of the best social media marketers, all of whom are knowledgeable and can help you in crafting your Pinterest marketing strategy. We will also update you regularly with the latest data and appraise you on how your investment in Pinterest marketing is doing. We would love to work with you and help your business grow. Should you want to work with us, start by filling out the form below!

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