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5 Important Elements of a Good Website Design

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Crafting a business’s online identity relies on good website design. Web design elements breathe life into your business vision and bring your brand closer to potential consumers. Today’s competition is tough, and with the ever-changing algorithms on search engines, modern web design has become more relevant than ever.

A website is a potential customer’s first taste of what a business offers and what separates it from the competition. An effective website is essential to a successful business, and a good web design gives you the necessary benefits and return of investment for business growth.

Initially, you plan to create a website for a purpose: to convey a particular message about your branding while engaging your visitors to become potential clients. In this case, first impressions are critical, and a good website design helps you connect with your audience and build trust and credibility among potential customers.

So, what makes a good website design? Here are five key elements of a good website design to help you make an effective marketing platform that drives company growth and customer retention.

1. Clear Site Navigation

Straightforward site navigation allows your audience to spot what they are looking for quickly and for search engines to index your website faster. When creating navigation tools, menus, and site architecture, you should consider how users use them as they browse and search through your website.

This website design element is mainly applicable to the Homepage, which is linked directly to all essential pages on the website. Clear site navigation enables users to access menu items for other pages in the website without getting lost or feeling frustrated.

2. Strategic Calls to Action (CTAs)

Among other design elements, make sure that crucial web design elements like calls to action stand out. Modern web design lets visitors get interested in your content, services, and products to convert into potential leads and customers.

Conversion paths with gated content like free consultations and email newsletter subscriptions are only successful with well-written calls to action. CTA statements should be clear. Regardless of the desired action, whether it’s requesting a quote, making an appointment, or buying now, CTAs should guide visitors on the following steps to take.

3. Responsive Web Design

A good web design creates a positive user experience. Before a company concerns itself with boosting its rankings on Google, it should ensure a user-friendly website. This web design element allows your users to stay on your site longer, making them more likely to become potential customers.

With more than 60% of visitors using smartphone devices to open websites, the number of mobile phone users has surpassed that of computer users throughout the years. More businesses are working to make their site quality consistent across all devices and screen space to accommodate the shift to this web design element.

4. Eye-catching visuals

Color palettes, font types, images, and layout are good website design elements that help with a better user experience. While you can be creative with various colors and styles for your website, keeping it simple and clean makes it easier for your users to focus and avoid confusion.

To keep your website simple, modern, and neat, here are some ways to achieve simplicity in your design:


Depending on the site owner and the nature of the business, color can convey the brand’s distinct message and personality. While too many colors are visually distracting, most modern websites use two to three colors to achieve a modern look. Nonetheless, keeping your color scheme simple creates cohesiveness among all website elements.

Type and White Space

Typography serves as the visual interpretation of your brand’s voice. It also has the power to draw attention to your website. To practice simplicity in your website’s typefaces, make sure they are legible. Also, strive to make use of three different fonts at maximum. Plus, your website should also have enough white space for your user’s eyes to rest on.


Choosing high-quality, unique images strengthens your business branding. All graphics – photos, illustrations, cliparts, icons, logos, and videos – are website design elements responsible for visual brand communication.

Imagery should effectively embody the company’s identity and personality. More so, they form an impression of credibility and professionalism in the consumer’s mind.

Unique Content

Content is the backbone of a good website design. It is what most visitors are initially looking for in your website. Your branding strategy should include content that allows your visitors to understand your company’s message. Content attracts web visitors and converts them into potential customers.

Also, well-written, unique content makes your website practical, appealing, and popular. Content should have enough keywords in an acceptable length to optimize this website design element for search engines.

Conducting rigorous market research helps you find the terminologies used by users when searching for specific services or products. As a result, your content will be unique, informative, and concise.

Seasoned Experts for Good Website Design

A good web design makes all the difference in business growth. At Advanced Digital Media Services, we employ the most up-to-date search engine optimization and digital marketing practices to help you achieve a great website that accommodates your business goals.

Grow your business by clicks and bounds today. Call us to learn more about how we can bring your brand to life in the digital world.

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