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5 Local SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

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What is the first thing that you enter when you’re searching online for a service or product that you instantly need? You almost always include your local city in your search, right? That’s exactly what local SEO is and how it effectively functions in marketing to your local consumers.

In fact, you’re a part of the 96% mobile users who conduct local searches for their purchases. Whether you’re just a budding business or an established company with varied locations, local SEO is your go-to strategy to reach long-term customers and widen your visibility.

What Are You Missing Out On?

Everything is digitally advanced right now, and you might be missing lots of income opportunities just because your prospective customers cannot find you online.

Did you know that 78% of local mobile searches translate to actual purchases?

Experts explained a few more reasons why it’s now a necessity for your marketing strategies:

  • It’s FREE! Maximize this promotion without spending a single cent while it’s still accessible. Need we say more?
  • Local search has an outstanding reputation as the highest converting channel compared to other local advertising modes.
  • Local consumers depend on online information about businesses they want to patronize.

How Can Local SEO Elevate Your Search Ranking?

Local SEO marketing has never been more significant in boosting your brand’s visibility, given the higher public demand. People are inclined to find businesses with a sense of urgency. Evidently, they opt for one with the easiest access and a reliable search ranking.

When you start to personalize and improve your local SEO efforts, search engine platforms’ algorithms will find it easier to put your top-notch product or service on top of the results page.

Common Local SEO Mistakes and How to Correct Them

1. Lack of Local Keywords

Don’t forget to use highly targeted keywords to attract your preferred audience. Even if you have the best content out there, your efforts will be wasted without the appropriate local keywords.

Research is key to counter this. Use them wisely and always include a specific location.

2. Missing on Google My Business

Customers are more likely to search the word “name of service” + “near me” or “name of service” + “name of their location,” so failing to create a profile here will stop you from appearing in a local search result.

You can create a verified profile on Google within a few minutes, and you should make sure to include all relevant information that your customers will want to know.

3. Incompetent Mobile Optimization

Mobile searches are critical in making your local SEO effective. It takes a few seconds for people to switch to your competitor when they experience an unresponsive, slow, or disorganized mobile view.

Aim for a completely mobile-friendly site to avoid one of the most common SEO mistakes! Search engines also highly consider how easy your page navigation is when ranking your site both in mobile and on desktop.

4. Terrible Google and Customer Reviews

Reviews are the selling point of your business. About 84% of consumers read and trust online reviews as a major factor in purchases.

Empower your business credibility and growth by gaining good reviews on all your online platforms, especially in Google.

5. Unimpressive Quality of Content

Content is king as always with Local SEO. The entirety of your content must provide enriching information to keep up with search rankings. Localized content that’s timely is also preferred to establish a strong appearance against your local competitors.

Avoiding these common SEO mistakes can do wonders for your business growth and return of income. We at Advanced Digital Media Services would love to hear the things that you want to improve on your website. See the list of our comprehensive SEO services and reach out to one of our representatives by filling out the form below.

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