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5 Ways to Get More Pinterest Traffic

5 Ways to Get More Pinterest Traffic

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Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms online. It has about 322 million users around the world. While nearly one-third of them come from the United States, its user base is rapidly growing outside the US. As such, most marketers have taken a huge interest in Pinterest marketing for their businesses. With its wide reach and easy use, Pinterest is a sure way to attract more traffic and customers.

How to Get Pinterest Traffic

Using Pinterest is fairly simple. You won’t really have a hard time creating content since this platform is visual based, meaning it focuses more on pictures and images. So, how does Pinterest marketing work? In Pinterest, you shouldn’t have the problem of looking for and attracting your target market because they are the ones that come to you.

Pinterest is search based and as such, it is the viewers that look for content about your industry. All you have to do is make sure that the consumers like what they see on your profile. Pinterest works by letting users find visual content that they are interested in and then pin these images onto their personal boards. When a person pins your image to their board, your reach is further amplified because their followers will be able to see it, and they can pass it on if they like it.

How to Increase Pinterest Traffic

While this can be such a good platform for businesses, the Pinterest space, itself, can be competitive, given the number of pins available. To help you with this, here are some Pinterest marketing strategy tips that you can follow to increase your Pinterest traffic.

Pin Regularly

Of course, the first and most simple way to increase your Pinterest traffic is to regularly update your content. Pin at least 10 different images in a day. Pinterest rewards people who pin consistently by ensuring that their pins are seen by more people over time.

Create High Resolution and Quality Images

Images are the focal point of Pinterest marketing. People go to Pinterest to see pictures related to their different interests. For example, people might go to Pinterest to get inspiration for their next bedroom setup and design. Others look for styles for their nails or hair. As such, it is very important that your content is of high quality because people will bypass your images if they do not look appealing. Good photos can easily encourage users to pin your content to their boards.

Optimize Your Images and Their Size

You should opt for vertical pins when using Pinterest. It is better for your photos to have a 2:3 aspect ratio or 600 x 900 pixels. Further, you can optimize the content of your photos by doing infographics. Create infographics on content that could greatly help your target market. Remember to keep it short but as informative as possible.

Add Relevant Keywords to Your Board and Image Descriptions

Most people only regard Pinterest as a social media website. However, it is actually also a search engine. As such, you need to use relevant keywords like what you enter in search engines like Google. To increase your Pinterest traffic, you should use relevant keywords in the title of your board. For example, if you are a travel company, you might want to use travel destinations as a title for your board. Using the right keywords can draw more users to your board. Similarly, you should use more keywords in your image/pin descriptions, the more relevant keywords you use here, the higher the chances of your pins showing up on a user’s feed.

Join Group Boards

Group boards have more than one contributor, and each one can add pins. This is a good way to increase Pinterest traffic as you already have a dedicated audience with usually the same interests. The trick is in finding the group that your business rightly belongs to. This way, you can do some targeted Pinterest marketing related to the group board topic, and there will be a higher chance that your pins will be viewed by interested parties.

Pinterest marketing is a good strategy for those businesses that thrive through visual content. It is a good way to hook and attract consumers. However, for a Pinterest marketing strategy to be successful, it must be properly managed. At Advanced Digital Media Services, our social media marketers can help you not only in increasing your Pinterest traffic but also in creating quality content for other Pinterest users to view. Fill out the form below to learn how we can work together!

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