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How to Use a LinkedIn Business Page to Generate More Sales

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LinkedIn is a social networking site whose possibilities and potential remain untapped for many. While most businesses have a LinkedIn business page, they do not know how to use LinkedIn for business optimization. In this article, we can tell you how and why you should use LinkedIn for your business, but before that, you have to set up a LinkedIn business account.

How to Create a LinkedIn Business Page

  1. The first step is to open the Interests tab in your LinkedIn homepage then select Companies. From here, click the Create button in the Create a Company Page box. You will then be asked to enter your company information, including your company name, email address, and a detailed description of your company, such as what services and products you offer.
  2. The next step is to upload a logo for your company, as this is what users see when they search for you. You also need to choose a background/banner image for your page.
  3. Now, your account is ready to use, and you can start by posting something about your company.

Importance of a LinkedIn Business Page

LinkedIn is arguably the single most important platform for business-to-business transactions. As most professionals already have a LinkedIn account, it is the easiest platform to use when reaching out to other businesses. Furthermore, this site is just ideal for business compared to other social media sites. Why? Because unlike Facebook or Twitter, when people login to LinkedIn, they are probably already thinking about it! Because of this, 93% of business-to-business marketers believe that LinkedIn is the most effective site for lead generation, which could increase your chances of generating more sales.

Tips in Maximizing the Use of Your LinkedIn Business Page

Regularly Post Company Updates

Research shows that 94% of business-to-business buyers look at multiple pieces of content from the seller before making a decision. Further, 75% of them do some research on social channels for the products and services that they need. This means that your LinkedIn business page should always be updated with the latest content about your company, your industry, and how you respond to your consumers’ needs, or else it could be bypassed in favor of other pages with more information. Having quality content, such as tips, advice, and solutions for your buyers will encourage them to visit your page more often, increasing your chances of making a sale.

Find the Best Time to Post

Unlike platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you do not need to clutter your page and viewers’ screens with too much content. What you have to do is to maintain the right number of posts to keep your page updated and to post these at the right time, when most of your viewers are logged on to LinkedIn. It is best to post one update per day on weekdays during business hours, which typically begins in the morning around 7am to 8am and ends between at 5pm to 6pm.

Promote Your LinkedIn Business Page

You can start doing this by having your employees add the company’s LinkedIn business page to their personal profiles. This way, your company page also reaches your employees’ connections when they share your updates. If you have the budget, another way is to amplify your content through ads. There are several types available on LinkedIn, including sponsored ads, dynamic ads, text ads, and Sponsored InMail.

Create Showcase Pages for Your Products and Services

Showcase pages are an extension of your LinkedIn business page. These will help you focus on promoting each product or service, tailoring your messaging to your target market.

LinkedIn is a terrific platform for generating business-to-business transactions. While it is easy for companies to start using this platform, most professionals strongly suggest having a marketing company handle your LinkedIn business account. This is because a well-maintained LinkedIn business page, coupled with other digital marketing strategies, can spell the difference between an increase or a decline in sales. Work with social media marketing experts from Advanced Digital Media Services by filling out the form below!

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