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6 Google Business Profile Tips to Increase Foot Traffic

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As a business marketer, you have probably tried several techniques to boost your local SEO ranking. However, do any of these methods involve using your Google Business Profile to acquire more clients?

What Is a Google Business Profile?

A Google Business Profile (GBP) works similarly to the yellow pages. Your business name, address, and contact information are also listed in a small section, but unlike the yellow pages, a GBP has several other functions and tools that can significantly boost your campaigns.

If you take the time to create a good Google Business Profile, you can add more information to help solidify your brand in your niche and location. This profile can be attached to a Google Maps entry to ensure people are directed to you when they search for specific products or services.

You can take advantage of GBP in many ways. Here are 5 easy hacks that will convert your marketing efforts to real-life foot traffic.

Answer Google Q&A Immediately

Experts say that approximately 40% of Google Q&A can give you actual leads. Are you familiar with this feature? This listing shows up on the left side of your screen after doing a Google search for a specific business. Consumers can send a quick inquiry using this section. Others can also go in and add a “thumbs up” icon to indicate that they also have the same inquiry. If not answered immediately, you can lose multiple potential clients.

Given the impression that you are not responsive, they will reach out to your competitors. To avoid this from happening, you have to be diligent in responding to Google Q&A.

The best way for you to get notified of these inquiries is through the Google Maps App because they do not show up on the dashboard of your profile yet.

Post Your Proximity to Tourist Attractions

People, including tourists, always look for museums, parks, or even malls to visit. They are also likely to visit nearby shops for food, souvenirs, and other services. If you place your Google Post next to these popular landmarks, that can help walk potential clients to your store.

Posting is easy, but if you cannot do it on your own, you can check Google for explanations or hire an SEO company to work with.

Turn Your GBP into a Storefront Window Display

Take advantage of a storefront window display by setting up the “See What’s in Store Inventory” or SWIS feature of your Google Business Profile. This will tell consumers more about your business and what you can offer. SWIS is not yet popular in the US. Only 1% of retailers are into SWIS. If you do this tweak now, you’ll leap ahead of your competitors and get more foot traffic.

Google partnered with Pointy when it launched this great feature. This device makes it easier for any retailer to make inventory easily available to online viewers. It requires nothing more than just a little time and effort.

Make Your Store Façade a Selfie Hotspot

Making the exterior of your shop attractive can get people knocking on your door! Embrace the culture and heritage of your locale through your decorations. This attracts people who are looking for an authentic and unique experience.

According to surveys, an eye-catching exterior appeals to nearly 60% of all consumers. Make selfie-takers your new customers!

Get a good photo of your store façade and add it as the cover image of your GBP.

Keywords Still Matter in GBP

As mentioned earlier, your Google Business Profile banks on the information you add to increase foot traffic. You may not notice it, but Google takes into account the keywords you use in your pages. Use relevant keywords across your GBP content to get a good local SEO ranking.

Use keywords that are not only popular in your line of business, but also often used by the people in your area. Stay updated with new phrases and edit your profile accordingly.

Use Time in Your Favor

Most working people have a very busy schedule and businesses operating from 9 to 5 will not always be able to accommodate their needs. How can your business prosper if you are operating only while everyone is busy working? Do a little research to learn what hours of operation are posted on your competitors’ GBPs.

Look for a time frame where all other shops are closed. This is the best opportunity to set your business apart from your competitors in the area. Why not adjust an hour or two on your hours of operation to fill the slots when others are not open? Reconsider your current schedule and check what will work best for you.

Be sure to post your updated store hours on your GBP. If you are the only one open during a specific time or day, customers are going to flock to you!

As a business marketer, you might be good at driving digital traffic. However, imagine the value of your efforts if in the end you cannot convert digital traffic to walk-ins.

Let us help you create an outstanding Google Business Profile, and get customers running to your storefront today! Check our SEO services and discuss the details with our representative by completing the form below.

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