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7 Small Business Marketing Ideas for Christmas

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The holiday season is in full swing, and people around the globe rush to get gifts. With that, business owners start brainstorming marketing ideas for Christmas in anticipation of the throngs of shoppers that will flock to both the real and digital worlds.

Small business owners should also take advantage of this season through creative marketing ideas for Christmas to grow their businesses. Keep in mind, though, that even if you have a small physical store, your online shop should be able to handle the orders that will flood in when you launch these effective marketing ideas for small businesses.

1. Incorporate some Christmas elements into your branding.

A simple way for any business to improve its branding is to add festive flair. You can incorporate Christmas elements into your logo and social media profile pictures. You can also decorate your social media header images with Christmas themes. Here are some more suggestions you can try to make your branding more Christmas-y:

  • Seeing a Christmas graphic peeking out from the corner of your webpage is cute. A cup of hot cocoa, a simple Christmas tree, bells and lights, Santa Claus, and mistletoe are just some of the best options you can try.
  • You can change the background of your website by mixing and matching patterns and templates that match your color scheme. Speaking of colors, you can even temporarily replace the color scheme itself to reflect the season.
  • Redesign your social media icons, footer, and sidebars. Add Christmas elements to your navigation.
  • Make a Christmas logo. You could make it seasonal. You could add gloves and a Santa hat to the list.

2. Create a Christmas video.

Many businesses profit from Christmas by offering discounts on their products and services to increase sales volume. Although this may increase your income, it won’t last. Consumers are driven by price and will shop elsewhere if your store isn’t offering the best prices.

Instead of focusing only on increasing your Christmas sales, focus on the long-term by taking advantage of the holiday season. A Christmas video is a great way to let your customers know you value and appreciate their efforts. It’s easier than ever to communicate your message to the public with mobile technology like smartphones and tablets.

You can promote a sale, give away coupons, present your latest services, or wish your patrons a happy Christmas. Make a Christmas video in a creative and fun way.

3. Use Christmas keywords to get to the top of SERPs.

Keywords are an essential part of marketing ideas for Christmas to increase sales. Many people have started to search for terms such as “Christmas sale online shopping.” Online shoppers are already shopping for Christmas, so you want to take advantage of this by incorporating popular Christmas search terms into your SEO strategy.

Your job is to create a customer list and discover what products they are searching for. Also, find out their interests and search terms. SEO tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, and Keywords Everywhere can help you.

You can also use your list of Christmas keywords to help you when you are creating a gift guide or a Christmas ads campaign that targets the right audience.

4. Start a Christmas email marketing campaign.

It’s a great time to increase your email marketing strategy during the holiday season. A targeted campaign can highlight specific products and offers and share information related to the season, such as extended trading hours. Although it might sound cliché, the “12 Days of Christmas” campaign effectively limits offers and creates a sense of urgency. You can also style it as an advent calendar.

Ensure you have enough stock for any promotion. Smaller businesses should focus on unique products that aren’t available at high-end shops and big-box retailers. However, it is acceptable to alternate between highlighting particular products and offering a general discount.

5. Show your appreciation through gift cards.

Consider increasing sales of gift certificates. Gift cards are a popular holiday promotion that people appreciate because they offer something as good as cash, which they can use to buy things in-store. Consumers spend an average of $28 more than their cards’ value, and most redeem them within the first 60 days.

Selling gift cards in your store can be like hitting two birds with one stone. It encourages customers to spend more and boosts your business during the first month of the following year.

6. Launch a Christmas contest.

One of our Christmas marketing tips to attract customers is to hold a contest for customers and employees. There are many contests, but the most popular is the ugly sweater contest. The prize is given to the worst, tackiest, funniest, or most creative sweater.

The key is how you create a buzz in the community. It’s a fun way to keep your customers talking about your business. Here are additional tips for hosting contests:

  • Take great photos and share them on social media.
  • Keep your prizes handy. They can be small, but they should be practical enough to be enjoyed.

7. Offer holiday giveaways.

Giving away small gifts will not devalue your brand, contrary to what many people fear with giveaways. It shows you are grateful and increases loyalty among existing and new customers.

Depending on your budget, you can give away small items like mugs, bags, or umbrellas, or you can give away a vacation getaway that will be talked about by the entire town.

Customers appreciate receiving more than price reductions when giving away gifts. Here are some suggestions:

  • Attaching free items to things of greater value.
  • Your giveaways should be valuable and relevant to your business.
  • For simple requests, such as liking your Facebook Page, you can use gifts to motivate them.

Key Takeaway

The Christmas shopping season doesn’t have to be stressful. You can plan your strategies ahead of time and use the tips that work for you. Try something new; the holidays are a time for wonder and excitement.

Discover more creative Christmas marketing ideas with ADMS!

Advanced Digital Media Services (ADMS) has a holistic approach to SEO, online marketing, content creation, and web development that bring Christmas advertising ideas to life. If you are looking for qualified marketing experts with experience in SEO in St. Pete to help with your Christmas business ideas, contact ADMS. Get in touch today to learn how our services can help you succeed this season until the next.

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