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How To Ace Local Marketing for Small Businesses

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Are you looking for local marketing strategies to help your new business succeed?

If you own a startup company, the first thing that should come to mind is how to make your products or services known to your target market. Good thing you can easily spread the word through digital marketing – that is, if you know how to do it effectively.

Marketing for small businesses may have the same goals as those strategies done by big businesses, and that is to increase brand awareness and convert leads into sales.

But the similarities end there.

Big businesses usually aim to market on either a national or even a global level. On the other hand, small businesses should target their marketing efforts locally to make them more effective. This is where these tips for digital marketing for small businesses, which combine search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, and social media advertising, will come in handy.

Are you ready to learn how to market your small business at a local level? Read on!

Local Marketing: What Is It All About

In its simplest form, local marketing is about marketing brick-and-mortar businesses to people who live near the business location, particularly those within a 50-mile radius. Local businesses such as restaurants, cafes, shops, laundromats, auto repair shops, and agencies often use local marketing. Hence, local marketing is sometimes referred to as “neighborhood marketing” or “local store marketing.”

Here are the benefits of local online marketing:

  • Local Google search visibility increases
  • Local branding awareness
  • Increased store visits
  • More local consumers targeted

Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses

These easy-to-implement steps can help you get started with local branding and marketing. Here are some quick and easy ways to increase your small business advertising efforts.

1. Leverage your Google Business Profile to increase visibility.

Google Business Profile is a powerful online marketing tool that you can use to promote your business in local areas. It allows businesses to manage their online presence with the help of Google, the world’s biggest and most trusted search engine.

You can create an account for your business and provide all the information your customers need about your business. Additionally, you will appear on Google Maps and Google Search local listings.

However, creating a Google Business Profile account alone will not guarantee that your business will be visible to Google users. It must be optimized so that when people search for, say, “auto shop near me” on the popular search engine, Google will include your auto repair shop in the search results. And if the optimization is done correctly, Google can put your business on top of the results, giving your business more chances to connect to prospective clients.

Here are the details that you should add to your Google Business Profile listing to increase visibility:

  • Business description
  • Contact, location, and availability data (phone number, business name, operating hours, and address).
  • Categories for businesses (e.g., dry cleaners)
  • Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Link to your site

2. Make your website mobile-friendly.

Another helpful marketing for small businesses tip is to make your website readable through various devices, including smartphones and other handheld devices. With mobile devices accounting for 62% of all website traffic in 2022, making your website mobile-friendly is a must if you want your marketing efforts to succeed.

Optimizing your website to work on mobile devices focuses on the following:

  • Loading time – your website should load within three seconds on mobile devices.
  • Text size – use larger and easy-to-read fonts to make your content more readable on small mobile screens.
  • Buttons – make use of larger buttons that don’t override other buttons to make it easier for users to navigate your website using their phones.
  • Menu – a simple and intuitive interface will improve the user experience. A mobile device should also have categories that are visible on the desktop.

Here’s a bonus tip: use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to determine if your website will work and look well on smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets.

3. Create a solid social media presence.

Another great strategy is to have a strong presence on social media. It’s also one of the most preferred marketing strategies for local businesses.

A social media profile can help you reach more people and keep you in touch with those who already follow your business. You can also share news, photos, videos, and other information.

Regularly update your profile to increase visibility and build a strong community around your brand.

Facebook has a feature that allows you to promote your business to local users. Small businesses should start with a small budget just to test the waters, so to speak. You can also run a cost-friendly campaign using your social media accounts.

You can also encourage local customers to follow your social media channels. Building a following will help you connect with more possible customers, especially if your followers find your content interesting.

4. Encourage positive user reviews, and engage online.

Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on Google Reviews, Facebook, and Yelp. Even better, you could offer discounts or other promotions to encourage them to leave positive reviews.

Spend time responding to reviews that customers leave online. Be genuine and do not copy/paste generic responses.

5. Sponsor or host local community events.

While digital marketing is excellent, building relationships with your audience in the real world is even better. To increase your brand’s visibility in your community, consider sponsoring or hosting an event. You can also get local media coverage, increasing your chances of being found online.

6. Utilize localized email marketing.

Email marketing strategies are great because they are low-cost and highly targeted. The only hurdle that you will have to face here is where you can get the email addresses of the people in your town. Some of the easiest ways to collect email addresses include using forms on your website, offering freebies, using social media campaigns, and placing a sign-up sheet on your booths in the events you sponsor.

Key Takeaway

Marketing is crucial for startups and small businesses. It will help make your business more visible to your target customers. However, certain aspects of small business marketing differ from the usual strategies that big businesses employ. For instance, local marketing should be highly targeted to make it more effective.

The best places to begin when creating a marketing plan for a small business are setting up a localized optimized website, giving your social media channels the same treatment, and claiming your Google Business Profile listing. Spend some time engaging with your local audience online and offline. To increase your brand’s visibility and strengthen your relationship with your audience, respond to reviews and host community-based events.

Optimize a Marketing Plan With ADMS!

A Denver SEO agency like Advanced Digital Media Services (ADMS) can help you expertly execute the most effective small business advertising tactics to increase your business’s engagement and improve your local marketing. Make a significant impact in your community today! Contact ADMS to learn how.

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