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7 Tips for Protecting Your Brand’s Online Reputation

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Your brand’s reputation is a reflection of who you are as the owner. Most of your potential customers cannot meet you or your staff in person, so they end up searching for your brand all over the internet. In an attempt to learn more about what your brand offers, your potential customers will try every search engine or social media platform to catch even a glimpse. Online reputation is everything when it comes to businesses, especially startups.

As your brand owner, you need to equip yourself with the right knowledge about online reputation management and know how to protect your online reputation.

Below are seven tips and strategies for you to learn and commit to. Experts recommend the following steps:

How Do You Protect Your Reputation Online?

1. Invest in reliable domains.

Despite owning your domains, there is still the possibility that they will be hacked by unhappy customers or disgruntled, clumsy employees. Please choose the right domains and protect them from any harm that might destroy your name and your brand’s online reputation.

2. Be aware of your brand’s search results.

There is nothing more important than being aware of what feedback is circulating for your brand on the internet. You must be vigilant in knowing how your targeted audience perceives it. Digital marketing can help to convince people to view you more or less favorably faster than traditional methods can, so always be observant.

3. Listen to feedback.

One way to foster effective communication is by listening to the feedback you receive. Listen to what your customers say about your brand online. Do not just hear them; listen to them, and respond accordingly. It is also best to accept even the negative comments you find online. Online reputation management includes the best way to deal with negative comments, and that is to let them hear your side and react in a manner that will protect your brand’s reputation.

4. Activate a human presence in your brand’s social media accounts.

Most businesses fail when they are hard to reach. Customers love the accessibility and availability of a particular brand. This accessibility includes being able to respond to queries through non-automated messages.

Customers hate the thought of automated messages. They take away the human presence behind the brand. So, be active in your social media accounts and learn how to interact it you want to have a better online reputation.

5. Promote your expertise.

Customers will be happier once they know they are patronizing a brand that’s run by an expert. You must learn how to showcase your expertise confidently. It will gain you more positive feedback and will subtly tell your customers how credible you are. You can also create a profile on LinkedIn and post your case studies, experience, and skills, so people will know what you can do without having to tell them personally. It’s one of the most overlooked online reputation management strategies that you shouldn’t miss.

6. Check on your customers from time to time.

Customers will keep coming back if you have given them a satisfactory transaction or experience. By checking up on your customers from time to time, your brand’s reputation improves. How will you do this online? You can send your customers messages asking them about their experience during your transaction and ask them what areas in your business you still need to improve.

7. Protect your copyright.

How do you protect your reputation online when it comes to theft? Watch out for cheaters or desperate competitors who have a habit of stealing another brand’s copyright. Put clear and noticeable copyright on every page of your social media accounts or websites. Make sure it is something that could not be copied right away. You can check Google immediately if you suspect competitors are stealing your unique content.

Your company’s reputation online can make or break your business, and securing it must be one of your top priorities. If you need a team that can do reputation management for your business, contact us at Advanced Digital Media Services.

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