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7 Tips for Working with A Web Designer

7 Tips for Working with A Web Designer

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We like examining the mindset of web designers and developers to consider how they approach the task of working with clients. We also think it is important to touch on the topic of how clients can smoothly and successfully work with a web designer. Building or reshaping your website to a level where it can compete successfully may be one of the factors that will help lead your business to success. If you are a business owner and thinking about hiring a web design company, we recommend the following approaches.

1. Be sure to communicate your goals and business needs.

It would make little sense to create an amazing website if it fails to meet your business goals, strategies, and budget. Communicate to your designer what you want to accomplish with your website. What ways does your company want to stand out from the competition?

Have you analyzed your target market? Have you had an opportunity to define, or redefine, your business goals? Are you aware of the benefits of creating a mobile-friendly site? Have you figured out a creative marketing approach that sets you apart from the competition? Have you set a deadline for your website remake or design completion? Have you considered how your website will remain flexible with new content?

Working with a web designer will require a budget. As a website owner, you can always choose to limit any creative design options to lower your costs. Discuss your budget with the designer. You can control the design narrative and better manage their own expectations of what you want and expect from a design company.

2. Your brand is how people accept and view your company.

Of course, your company’s own marketing strategies and standards also play an important role in how people react to your brand. Share with your web designers essential information about font preferences, colors, visual imagery, logos, and anything else that you think will help give you a leg up on the competition. Website owners do not always need a new website. Sometimes, they need a rebrand.

3. When working with a web designer, feedback and communication are key.

If communicating through email, take care to avoid sending too many emails for every little change. Those emails can eat up the designer’s time. Consolidate your feedback so that your design company is happy to sign off on the final design.

4. Start with quality content.

You can always choose to write web content first and then ask your design company for help in tweaking and optimizing it. This enables you to speed up the process and to limit redesigns and delays. Also, keep in mind that many web design firms have staff members who can write quality, optimized content for your company. These content writers are familiar with SEO principles and can help your company rank higher in SERPs.

5. When you hire a web designer, you should create a clear schedule of deliverables.

Having a schedule of deliverables to check off ensures designers know exactly when each project is due. This will help you avoid having to pressure your designer, thus creating a smooth working relationship. You can also keep deadlines on your end of the deal by paying invoices on time and agreeing to sign off on designs to move projects forward.

6. Create a blueprint for the entire design process.

When working with a web designer, it makes good business sense to always create a written overview of all the work that will follow in each design phase. A paper trail allows the designer to refer back to the document to make sure he or she is on track. Also, a written document can help resolve any misunderstandings.

7. A working friendship is worth its weight in gold.

Websites often need some type of modification down the line. A good working relationship with a design firm can get things moving with a simple phone call. It is always a good idea to stay in touch with your web designer.

As experienced web designers, we at Advanced Digital Media Services take pride in being able to develop professional and pleasant working relationships with our clients. We believe in always being open and transparent and value our ability to communicate with our clients every step along the way. This makes it easier to deliver on a promise.

Hire a web designer who understands digital marketing and who can help build your website with your customers in mind. At Advanced Digital Media Services, we can help your company reach its next level of success!

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