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7 Wicked Halloween Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

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Candies, jack-o’-lanterns, pumpkins, and lots of shopping – in just a few weeks, we’ll be celebrating a holiday that makes kids and kids at heart go crazy for fun and sweets. Halloween has been celebrated for many years, and it’s time to start thinking about Halloween marketing ideas to join in with that spooky fun. There are many ways to get your clients and you in the holiday spirit, regardless of whether your business is online or has a physical location.

Perhaps you are concerned that Halloween advertising is not suitable for your company. You might be concerned that it won’t work for your brand or that your clients won’t respond.

However, businesses have a unique opportunity to launch creative marketing campaigns around Halloween. Your business can gain interest in Halloween-themed promotions to bring in new customers.

Getting your business ready for Halloween doesn’t need to be complicated. Halloween is a great holiday where you can let your imagination run wild and develop innovative marketing ideas.

Let’s look at these simple but effective Halloween marketing ideas.

Marketing Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is more than just trick-or-treating and spreading fear. While Halloween-themed candy, decorations, treats, and costumes make up a large portion of consumer spending, businesses from other industries can still benefit from clever marketing that capitalizes on the holiday season’s popularity.

Here are 11 Halloween advertising strategies your small business can use to celebrate the season with customers. These Halloween promotional ideas will also help keep them coming back after the holiday shopping season ends.

1. Use Halloween email templates.

Your email list is an excellent resource for spreading holiday-related information to existing customers. To let your customers know Halloween is coming, send them Halloween-themed emails.
Use an email series to get customers to sign up for your Halloween promotions. Use promotional emails to offer interesting content, such as ideas for costumes and decorations.

You can also design an email with a simple layout and muted colors to allow the reader to focus on your message. Let your email copy play on the spooky theme and remind readers to take action before the deal turns into a ghost. You can highlight different parts of the email and arrange them to suit your needs. Before you hit “send,” make sure to include a link back to your website.

2. Make a landing page with Halloween themes.

Brick-and-mortar stores attract Halloween-loving customers with themed window displays showcasing their merchandise. You can also add a Halloween theme to your online store.

Make your website even more festive. Add animations, images, and other decorations. You can also create a splash page with Halloween-themed information that announces the sale of Halloween promotional items to anyone who signs up for the email list. Design a mobile-friendly website to ensure people can access your Halloween promotions from their smartphones.

3. Create spooky social media posts

There’s no denying social media’s reach and influence on today’s consumers. Use your social media platform to create content about Halloween. Use hashtags to help customers locate you. Showcase how your inventory can be used for decorating a party or showcase some last-minute costumes you have created with your products.

You can build brand awareness by using Halloween-related hashtags. Even if your shop doesn’t sell Halloween merchandise, social media posts with facts about the holiday can generate interest and increase brand awareness.

4. Run a Halloween-themed contest

Hosting a Halloween contest on your website will encourage people to visit it. You can also promote it via social media. Customers can decorate their homes with your merchandise if your shop has fall-themed merchandise. Participation can be encouraged by having customers vote for the winner, or you can choose the winner.

If you don’t sell Halloween-related products, then simply hold a contest where people can sign up for your email list. You can offer the winner a discount or gift card and then choose one or more winners.

5. Take a discount on your fall products

Halloween sale ideas are a good opportunity to offload merchandise to make space for holiday stock. Create small store displays by creating a section on your website that lists fall products. A smaller section should be dedicated to Halloween decorations.

Retailers can take this concept online through subpages that are fall-themed to highlight end-of-season merchandise. You can offer smaller items as gifts to customers who purchase them. Encourage people to gift these items to friends and family for the holiday season. You might consider ordering a small Halloween-themed inventory to drive traffic to your site and your shop.

6. Create Halloween-themed videos or blog posts

Make your products more fun by using them in blog and social media content. This tip will encourage people to visit your shop. Your posts can be a great way of driving users to your site without the need to buy an ad. Don’t forget to link the products in the post and redirect visitors to your sales section.

For Halloween promotions, lists are a great option because they can be easily created. They also drive traffic as they allow you to include keywords. To capture search engine interest, write a blog post entitled “Top 15 Halloween gift options” or “Best last-minute Halloween costumes ideas.”

Video marketing can also help you sell more if your YouTube channel is active. Help Google users find your videos through a Google search by creating a series of Halloween-related videos.

7. Offer Halloween-themed products

It’s a simple and fun way to generate excitement and buzz with a limited-time deal. This is easy to do if your business makes custom-made items or changes according to the season.

You can make limited-edition Halloween-themed baked goods. Offering seasonal flavors can also be a boon for any business selling food or drinks, from bakeries and breweries to restaurants. For example, creating drinks with pumpkin and apple cinnamon flavors can be an addition to your menu.

Try at least one of these Halloween advertising tips, regardless of whether your business is located in a physical location or if your company is entirely online. This will help you attract more customers to your site this holiday season. Your clients will appreciate the effort and entertainment you put into this Halloween season.

Get Halloween Advertising Right With ADMS

These Halloween marketing campaign ideas we shared will help you make it easier to reach your target audience. After all, everyone loves a good holiday idea.

Another way to successfully take it as a great opportunity to increase your sales beyond the holiday season is through search engine optimization. St. Petersburg SEO experts like ADMS can help you bring in customers and promote your brand this Halloween and the following “shopping holidays.”

Leave the scary stuff to the trick-or-treat and costume contests and leave the SEO matters to ADMS. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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