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Ideas for Your Holiday Social Media Marketing Plan

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Halloween, Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, Christmas – it’s that time of the year again when the holidays are just around the corner. It’s now also time for you to gear up for holiday social media marketing to take full advantage of the holiday rush.

Social media holiday marketing allows businesses to build emotional connections with customers. It is easy to increase your brand’s organic reach by creating content for social media on holidays. These are special days throughout the year that resonate and encourage consumers to engage. It’s the perfect time to create a high-quality social media marketing strategy.

We have ideas and tips for businesses trying to market themselves on social media platforms. Spend more time enjoying your glass of wine and delicious Thanksgiving dinner and less worrying about your social media posting schedule. Let’s make this an unforgettable year!

How to Create a Marketing Plan for Social Media

Many social media platforms see a massive spike in conversations during the holiday season. Ever wondered why? Everything these days happens via social media platforms. A holiday social media marketing strategy is essential to help your business get where it wants.

Now that the holiday season is quickly approaching, here are some creative marketing ideas to add that festive flavor to your social media marketing plan.

1. Add Your Social Media Links to Holiday-Themed Emails

Spread the holiday cheer with your emails! Take advantage of every holiday, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, and, of course, Christmas.

Email marketing works because it can reach large groups of people in minutes. Marketing emails typically have a 21.80% open rate and a click-through rate of under 3%. These numbers may not appear impressive at first glance but they will surely have a huge impact on your digital presence.

Consider, for instance, sending out emails to 10,000 people, and about 280 people will click through. These are 280 people who are more likely to buy a product or avail a service from your company.

A great way to improve your click-through rates is to personalize your emails. Segmenting your email list based on past behavior is a great way to do this. To incentivize people to buy, you can send them more emails if they click through an email.

2. Use Festive Hashtags

Social media campaigns can be both fun and valuable. A hashtag campaign can make your brand’s presence stand out from the rest. This tip can significantly improve your holiday social media marketing strategy.

To increase traffic, you can run a hashtag campaign. Before you can do that, create a plan. The first and possibly the most important step is to create or identify a hashtag that is unique, memorable, and easy to remember. Once you have found the perfect hashtag, it is time to promote it on social media. You can promote your hashtag campaign on multiple channels.

Do not limit yourself to the mainstay holidays. Many fun “secondary holidays” can become trending, such as #NationalSandwichDay. You can take advantage of these holidays by looking at a calendar and planning your posts accordingly.

3. Include Buyer Keywords in Your Content

Google’s algorithm favors certain content and businesses in the holiday season. This is because user intent often changes during the holiday season.

First, you need to make a list of keywords that you want to target in your content. This is an excellent time for e-commerce businesses to concentrate on creating content that uses targeted keywords. Here are some examples of holiday buying keywords:

  • The best holiday gifts of the year
  • Best gifts for entrepreneurs
  • Cute holiday dresses
  • Holiday gift sets for women

It’s not unusual to begin holiday keyword research months ahead of time. You’ll be comfortable in a top-ranking position in no time if you start early and went through a large search volume.

4. Run a Giveaway Campaign or Contest

Every customer loves giveaways. Giving away free products can increase your chances of selling more in your store. This could be the perfect holiday social media marketing strategy if you do it right.

You can use multiple plugins and gift certificates to create giveaways. These plugins allow you to run online contests. Offer some items for free in your store while asking people to follow your social media accounts.

One thing is for sure: you’ll get more followers after the giveaway ends. These followers can be targeted in the future and will likely convert more often since they have already expressed interest in your products.

5. Consider Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing involves collaborating with an influencer with a more extensive following and in the same niche as you. You partner with that influencer to market your brand, product, or service to extend its reach.

This is a very effective marketing tip, but you must still create a holiday social media marketing plan for influencer marketing.

First, determine your goals for working with an influencer. You can set goals to increase your audience, get more sales, or any other goal.

Once you have established your goals, choose the type of influencer marketing campaign you would like to run. You can run many influencer marketing campaigns on social media. You can run campaigns like giveaways, affiliate marketing, guest posting opportunities, and so on.

6. Track your marketing campaign’s performance

You have many options for growing your brand’s social media presence for the holiday season. You can increase your customer base, ROI, and engagement with the right social media plan. However, it is still possible to make mistakes and not achieve your goals quickly.

So, what is a common issue with social media marketing plans? Being unable to track campaign results.

Monitoring your holiday campaign’s progress allows for strategic adjustments and identification of target audiences. Adjust your marketing plan and conduct tests to get better results. Continue to monitor and measure your campaign’s performance and learn from them.

Get Started On Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Creating a holiday social media marketing plan can help you build a stronger brand voice, share content about your products and services, and increase your followers. Planning for the holidays using the shared ideas and tips can get you the most out of your marketing efforts.

If you are interested in adding elements to your holiday marketing strategy that resonate with you and your audience, collaborate with Advanced Digital Media Services. ADMS is a company whose expertise in SEO in St. Pete includes content creation, keyword research, local SEO, and web development.

Get in touch with the team today and start on your social media strategy this holiday season. Let’s brainstorm marketing ideas and include fun posts into your social media content to help you reach your audience and connect with them.

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