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8 Best Free Minimalist WordPress Themes for 2021

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Minimalism has become a popular web design aesthetic in the past few years because of its simplicity and elegance. In the past, web developers created websites with flashy and colorful designs, but these days, users want a more simple design focused on the quality of the content. This may be the influence of Google and Apple producing clean and practical designs for their products.

If you are planning to create the best web design for your business, there are a lot of themes you can use for different niches. You may want to start with listing the different features you would want for your website. The most important thing you can do to achieve the best minimalist style is to mix and match color options that go well together and are pleasant to look at.

If you think creating a minimalist website and finding the right theme is hard to achieve, there’s nothing to worry about, here are 8 minimalist WordPress themes you can use for your site:

1. Typology

This theme gets rid of all the clutter and unnecessary images in your site and leaves you a simple design that focuses on your content. With multiple layouts, you can customize your website any way you want. There are a lot of choices for font size, colors, formats, and many more. As a WordPress designer, you can create a website that mirrors the color of your brand and logo.

Typology is one of the most basic WordPress templates, making it easy to understand and navigate. If you are a first time web designer, there are options that make the setup 100% easy and simple to accomplish. You will have tons of options to make your site stand out and pleasant for any user.

2. Olsen Light

This theme is the epitome of minimalism. It offers a format that makes it easy for the users to read and understand your content. With all the custom widgets you can use in your website, this theme is also translation-ready and is easily optimized for Google to help you get a higher ranking.

3. Aurum

Common aspects of all the best WordPress themes are monochromatic color schemes, less images and clutter, and an easy to understand layout. Put it all together and you will get the elegant design that Aurum offers. Perfect for e-commerce websites, this theme focuses on the products and is designed to show the users all you have to offer.

With its different demo layouts, you will be able to see all the formats you could want to make your online store perfect and desirable.

4. The Optimizer

One of the best free minimalist WordPress themes, the Optimizer is customizable to meet the needs of every website. It is coded with HTML5 and CSS3, making it easy to design and SEO friendly. If you want to have as many options as possible for homepage slider designs, layouts, and WordPress templates, this theme is perfect for you.

5. Vinero

Animation is often considered too distracting to be part of a minimalist WordPress blog theme. However, if you really want to add animation to your website, Vinero is the best option for you. With its flexible layout and design, you will find how easy designing and customizing your website can be.

You can customize and edit this layout with ease, and come out with the modern website you are aiming for.

6. Resi

Perfect for photographers and designers, Resi is simple and direct in showcasing any picture or portfolio you might have. With its clean cut interface, it can catch anyone’s attention and let them navigate with ease on your site. This theme is the best WordPress theme for photographers because it is retina ready and will definitely make any photo stand out.

7. Limpia

For influencers and bloggers of fashion, Limpia is the best WordPress template they can use. The theme is easy to customize, very responsive, and perfect for displaying high-quality photos. It is also perfect if you want to create posts or pages for your followers quickly.

8. Vega

Vega is almost similar to typography, but it will make users focus on your photos rather than your text. It is perfect for displaying portfolios or photo galleries. With a wide array of layouts and designs, you can expect to create the most unique designs easily.

Vega focuses on the details of the photos, and lets any WordPress designer create the best layout and design they can have for their website.

If you are on the lookout for the best minimalist WordPress theme for your business, Advanced Digital Media Services can help! While the above mentioned themes can help you create a good website design on your own, nothing beats professional work!

Our team can create customized minimalist web designs that are the perfect fit for your business’ needs. We guarantee you a fully functioning and creative site that will capture your target audience and cater your customers’ needs. Visit our website and contact us to learn more about our services.

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