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8 Digital Marketing Tips for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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Does your business have a digital marketing strategy for the holiday season? Now is the right time to look for holiday marketing ideas. You can increase sales and revenue by leveraging the proactive marketing approach of your team for the holidays.

We will share the top 8 holiday marketing strategies that can prepare your online store for this holiday season. Let’s get started!

What Is Digital Marketing?

In the old days, people went to the local mall to look at the storefronts and find the best deals while they lasted. Digital marketing is fast becoming the primary mode of engagement to spread information about seasonal offers.

Digital marketing involves the promotion of brands in order to connect with customers via digital communication and the internet. This includes social media and email, as well as web-based advertising. It also includes text messages and multimedia messages that could be used as marketing channels.

The importance of digital marketing differentiates emerging brands from other brands to stay competitive during hectic holidays.

In the next section, we’ll look at digital marketing trends that can help you be competitive in the holiday market.

Digital Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

It can be challenging to create a memorable holiday digital marketing strategy. But don’t stress! You can keep it simple and add holiday cheer to the tried-and-true tactics that have been successful throughout the year. Here are eight of our digital marketing tips to grow your business:

1. Start planning and starting your campaigns early.

You should have a plan for the holiday campaigns. Even if you have already extended the campaigns that were run during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can still extend them.
Your customers will appreciate your time planning and launching your campaigns early. These campaigns will draw holiday shoppers early, mainly if you produce seasonal promotions and ads.

2. Offer free products and services.

Offer holiday promos that include freebies. You can use these giveaway tactics:

  • Every bundle comes with a free product.
  • Every purchase earns you points. This is especially important because it will encourage customers to shop at your store in the future.
  • Cashback after a set number of purchases.
  • When they purchase a certain amount, they receive free items.
  • They will receive gift coupons and vouchers when they interact with your email campaigns or social media posts.
  • Free shipping
  • Gift wrapping included

Free items are always appreciated by shoppers, especially during holidays. Freebies can motivate shoppers to spend more and build brand loyalty. Your customers will be more inclined to return to your store if you give them incentives.

3. Use interactive campaigns.

You can create interactive campaigns for customers. To attract customers and visitors to your online store or website, you can use the following campaigns:

  • Quizzes: It can be about Christmas or the New Year.
  • Surveys and Polls: These can be about their favorite things about the holiday.
  • Contests: Make a contest with prizes for specific actions like sharing a post or liking it.

These interactive campaigns are a great way of attracting customers. To avoid any problems, plan the prizes.

4. Personalize it.

Personalized gifts are a great marketing tool for this time of year. Make your products a bit more special with customization. For example:

  • Personal messages with gift tags and certificates
  • You can create special bundles for parents, teachers, or dog walkers.

Remember, these special deals require that you allow enough time for production and shipping. Allow plenty of time to deliver your parcels by courier or postal cutoffs, especially for international orders. Always check the last post before the Christmas deadlines to encourage last-minute buyers.

5. Give back to your community.

Everyone is aware of the importance of giving back, especially given the current state of the world. This is an excellent opportunity to help others and offer to donate a portion or a considerable amount to your favorite charity.

Another option is to partner up or sell businesses that donate a percentage of their profits to charitable causes.

This strategy can encourage shoppers to shop at your store instead of competitors. It will also help you improve your business branding and increase your authority. It’s nice to give back, too!

6. Redesign your online store.

One way to improve your digital marketing strategies is by redesigning your website. This is something you must do immediately. Get in the holiday spirit and redesign your online store.

Use Christmas-themed images, such as gifts, to attract holiday shoppers. Make sure the designs do not clash with your brand’s design.

Update your website copy. Include words people search for, such as best gifts for mothers or the most popular Christmas gifts for guys.

7. Consider working with influencers.

You’ve likely heard the term “influencers” on social media. One that aligns with your business and offers is possible.

You can search Instagram for the top Influencers you want to work with. Make sure they represent your brand. Because they have a large following, they are an effective marketing strategy. They can also encourage people to buy your products or services.

8. Don’t forget your email marketing.

You should be able to send more emails during the holiday season in addition to your regular email campaigns. Email marketing remains a powerful digital marketing strategy.

Your customers can be reminded about the season’s deals and promos, and you could even offer them a special deal that is only available to previous customers. To get your customers to open your emails, create a headline that clearly explains your promos. Send simple, direct emails that highlight promos and offers. These emails will encourage and inform your customers to visit your site.

Kick Off the Holiday Season With ADMS

Create a digital marketing strategy to increase holiday sales by planning well and executing effectively. Knowing how you can promote your products and business this season is essential. You have many options to draw customers to your online store.

Kick off the holiday season with the best strategies for your business. If you need help with your digital marketing strategies to prepare for the holidays, book a call with Advanced Digital Media Services (ADMS). ADMS is a Cleveland SEO firm with a firm grasp of the importance of digital marketing. Call us today.

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