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Advanced SEO Techniques to Rank Your Website Higher

Advanced SEO Techniques to Rank Your Website Higher

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There is only one reason to rank well, and that is to increase the search traffic on your website. The first order of business for site owners and marketers to embrace is the understanding that SEO and SEM take time. The second is to define what success means. Is it an increase in sales, more leads, or reaching more prospects with information about your business?

Getting your website to rank is a full-time job. It is also a never-ending gig. Google and other search engines continually tweak their algorithms to provide the best user experiences possible. It is essential that you stay on top of the search-marketing trends as they emerge.

Here is a comprehensive list of advanced SEO techniques that can help your website assets to rank higher in search results:

1. Write Long, Effective Blog Posts

Google loves fresh content. One of the best ways to satisfy its algorithm and establish your company as an authority in its field is to write longer and more authoritative posts. This approach works best when quantity marries quality.

2. Update Older Content

As time goes by, update older content to reflect current industry changes. You can also work around writing a fresh article by adding updated content to an older article. However, nothing beats fresh and relevant content.

3. Get Quality Backlinks

Getting quality backlinks can be an arduous task, but someone has to do it. Your website credibility will increase with each backlink with high domain authority. In the mind of a search engine, a high-quality backlink is the equivalent to reliability. “Wikigrabber” is the perfect tool to help you identify these broken links and offer citations. This can be a powerful tool for creating viable inbound links.

4. Do Regular SEO Audits

Create a schedule to analyze your website’s SEO effectiveness. Every website has pain points and areas that marketers can address for improvement. An SEO audit will help your company gain insight into what works and what does not.

5. Use Internal Links

One of the most effective SEO tips is to link website pages and articles with internal links. While it is important to get users to your homepage, it is also important to get them to read other pages and articles on the site. Linking internally also helps to organize content and make it easier for spiders to crawl through the website.

6. Invest in Infographics

Marketers may not utilize infographics enough. An infographic is a tool that can simplify complex topics. They are also highly visible and tend to capture a reader’s attention. Many marketers discover that infographics get great responses. The same goes for charts and website visualizations.

7. Plan Social Media Marketing

Social media engagement is powerful. In addition to gaining traffic and credibility, social media can strengthen your branding messages. There are additional social media destinations besides Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that can improve your search rankings. Venues such as Medium, SlideShare, and Quora can also improve awareness and brand visibility.

8. Perform Keyword Search

It only makes good business sense to research for your own website, and it makes just as much sense to research your competitor’s keywords. Discover the keywords that your competitors rank for. This knowledge can lead to a better competitive strategy and reveal where there might be additional opportunities for growth on your end.

9. Create a Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Optimize your Web assets for mobile devices. Everyone in the business is aware there is a shift from using laptops and desktops to mobile devices and smartphones. Close to 5% or more of website traffic is the result of smartphone usage. Your website design must be mobile friendly and responsive. Responsive design allows users to access your website with the same clarity and ease on a screen of any size.

10. Utilize Voice Search

Many marketers and website owners overlook the power of voice search, a relatively new SEO technique. You can leverage voice search by listing your business online, reducing the time it takes for a page to load, employing long-tail keywords, writing a lot more content for local search, and using structured data markup.

11. Invest in Video Marketing

Video content is here to stay. By 2021, video content may well comprise close to 83% of Internet traffic. Textual content is critical, and with video content, you can maintain higher rate of consumer retention.

Most site owners and webmasters mean well. They all have goals for helping their clients rank higher and to get more traffic. Good intentions are a wonderful thing, but those good intentions amount to little without the right SEO techniques being applied.

Why Hire a Qualified Digital Marketing Agency?

It can be a challenge for site owners to remain focused on running their business and coming up with SEO tactics that work. There are several reasons why hiring a digital media marketing agency makes sense:

  • You can concentrate on your company’s bottom line by hiring experts who know their field.
  • Hiring experts can also cut down on marketing costs.
  • An expert team can also offer your company measurable results.
  • An expert team has the knowledge and tools needed to get the hard work done.
  • Most importantly, they can bring new ideas to bear.

Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Agency

If you own a business with an online presence, the most important element you can offer the process is a clear understanding of your own business needs. What will you need in terms of a website? Who are your clients, and where are they found? What is your value proposition, and how will you establish and manage your company’s reputation?

Of course, your chosen digital marketing agency should be able to help you fill in any knowledge gaps. A lack of transparency should send up a red flag. An agency should never promise more than they can deliver. Keep in mind, too, that industry experience can often be misleading no matter how promising it sounds. There are always those agencies that offer a cookie-cutter approach as opposed to finding new approaches.

Partner with the Pros

Every client is unique and should receive treatment as such. Consider the agency’s technical side and if they can offer advanced SEO techniques.

As an SEO company, Advanced Digital Media Services has all the tools, knowledge, and personnel on staff to get the job done. Fill out the form below and let our team of experts handle all your digital marketing needs. Watch your business achieve the website ranking it deserves!

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