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Top 7 Tips for Successful LinkedIn Marketing

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If you’re a company looking for new ways to create brand awareness and market your products or services, you’ll want to take advantage of the opportunities available in LinkedIn marketing. By building a solid LinkedIn marketing strategy, you can create another pipeline of leads for your business, but first, you want to learn how to market on LinkedIn successfully. Here are seven top tips to use:

1. First Impressions Count

Marketing on LinkedIn can be accomplished in several ways. Your first opportunity is to create a LinkedIn profile that stands out from the crowd. When someone lands on your profile, it gives you a chance to create a strong first impression. List your achievements, skills, previous work and continue to optimize when you have anything new to share. When you add your summary, a story of who you are, your interests, experience, and goals you’d like to achieve, you can create a personal profile that is interesting to read.

2. Make Your LinkedIn Company Page Engaging

The second aspect of your LinkedIn marketing strategy should include a LinkedIn Company Page that’s engaging. Treat this as a profile for your business, which includes information associated with your company and your employees. Your main goal is to provide engaging content. You can accomplish this by posting helpful advice, tips, and resources related to your specific industry. When you act as a leading company that can provide solutions for problems, potential customers are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer. Also, be sure to use rich media when doing this. You’ll receive higher engagement when you include YouTube videos, images, or SlideShare presentations.

3. Create Showcase Pages to Highlight Products

A great way to highlight specific product lines or brands is by creating a LinkedIn Page for individual products. This acts as an extension of your company page, which allows you to create a customized message and home in on specific areas of your company. This content can be used by other LinkedIn users to follow products or topics that they find interesting. When you create this type of content, it is introduced in their news feeds, which can provide a higher level of engagement.

4. Create Multiple Connections

When doing LinkedIn marketing, one of your main goals is to create several connections. It’s important to make connecting with everyone a goal you always strive for. You never know when a breakthrough or a huge opportunity may present itself. If you don’t branch out and connect with a large group of new people, you won’t have as many opportunities to create strong connections with like-minded individuals. The best way to begin this is by connecting with everyone on your current contact list. Add a link of your LinkedIn profile to other social networking sites and your business card. Make sure this is also near your signature on every email you send.

5. Start a Strong Community

One way that you can improve your LinkedIn marketing strategy is by starting a LinkedIn group. When you are seen as a leader who provides valuable information in your niche, you’ll build a reputation as being someone to talk to when questions need answers. When you start a specific group on LinkedIn, people can join the group, and they’ll see you listed as the creator along with the URL link of your business website. You’ll find a section for listing job opportunities and a discussion forum. Once your group starts to grow, you can send a message to every member, which gives you a chance to market yourself and share valuable content. Self-service ads are also available as a paid strategy, which can allow you to increase the visibility of your community to gain new members.

6. Utilize Content Ads for LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn marketing can also be done by running social ad campaigns. Be sure to have specific goals in mind when you initiate your strategy. Are you trying to increase followers, find more members for your community, or drive traffic to a landing page? Have a strategy in place before you use this powerful tool. Also, when you run ad campaigns on LinkedIn, be sure to test them to find the most effective and efficient ones. If you create a banner ad that goes to a specific landing page, be sure to include a call to action, which also describes what you’re offering.

7. Track and Adjust Your Content

Before you begin LinkedIn marketing, create your business goals. When you have a defined strategy put in place, you can measure your success and adjust your content periodically to match the direction you want to lead your company in. This might include getting more clicks and generating traffic to an external landing page, creating more engagement with potential and existing customers via comments, shares and likes, or utilizing opt-in forms to convert new leads. Once you determine and define clear goals, you’ll be able to measure them with specific, consistent metrics.

Take Advantage of LinkedIn Today

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