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Master SEO Link Building Techniques to Grow Your Business

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What Is Link Building?

Link Building is a major aspect of digital marketing and SEO. Link building strategies can bring in additional business and help websites gain a higher Google ranking. Marketers and site owners can also build strategies and campaigns around link building that can grow their business.

Before anything can happen, there needs to be a better understanding of link building and the role it plays in SEO. An effective SEO link building strategy will get pages to link to each other. Inner linking helps users to better navigate pages on the Internet. Links also help search engines to crawl and index website pages.

Insightful Facts About Links

With respect to Google search results, links play a pivotal role:

  • Links are among the top Google ranking signals.
  • Google closely analyzes links, just like it analyzes content.
  • A link placed in the middle of a page is more valuable than those placed in sidebars and footers.

Always prioritize and provide relevant content. People will naturally prefer to link to content that solves a problem or that they can share. Great content can also position your company as a thought-leader in its field. Great content enables site owners to nurture relationships with users and other businesses. Keep in mind that link building is organic in nature, and it will always change. Stay updated and accept change.

Link Building and Online Business Success

SEO link building fosters relationships. The very act of building links causes marketers to reach out to other businesses. While the primary focus is to improve one’s own links, the businesses you link to can benefit as well. Consider someone on staff, or an outside source, who can write a guest post. Guest posting can provide a valuable source of inbound links and increase visitors to your website.

Links can also help to build and promote brands. As mentioned, the right linking strategies can help marketers appear to be an authority in their field. Add to that an opportunity to share your company’s expertise and knowledge with the world.

Create Pages That Are Worth Linking To

For any link to be worth building, it must go to valuable information. Always start with a website’s homepage. Add information that will link to critical industry information and sources that offer specialized particulars and facts. You should also create a blog with every relevant aspect about your business that it can contain. Your company already has information that you can write about. If not, the world is overflowing with information and knowledge about every subject imaginable. Write thorough content with valuable information and people will always be willing to link to it.

What Are Backlinks?

Creating backlinks is all about the strategy of getting others to link to you. There are a number of things you can do to get outside entities to link to your site. Be warned. It may require some concentrated effort on your end.

  1. Examine a relevant website of interest and look for broken links. If the content on that site is old, offer to write new content with a link back to your own website. Google offers a plugin for Chrome called “Check My Links.” This is great for discovering broken links. When reaching out, always be helpful without appearing to be greedy.
  2. Another tip on how to get backlinks is to try infographics. Infographics are still a popular method for backlink building. They are also popular because they are shareable and easy to understand. People love visual data that is easy to consume. The challenging part is gathering compelling data and creating visual content.
  3. Start publishing guest articles that you can write for websites. Guest articles can provide an effective way to contact and reach new audiences. Again, it is all about winning new exposure. Keep in mind that it should never be just about getting backlinks. You should endeavor to boost your online exposure and reputation.

It never hurts to keep a close eye on what the competition is up to. Where are they building links? Where are they showing up on social media, and what type of content are they posting? Do this by setting Google alerts to find out when competitors publish new website content. You may even want to subscribe to their newsletters and emails. Why not follow them on social media?

There is a lot to SEO link building and creating backlinks. As a premier digital company, Advanced Digital Media Services can provide the best SEO solutions that your company needs to keep climbing the ladder of online success. Complete the form below and speak to one of our SEO experts.

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