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How Can YouTube Marketing Help Your Business?

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According to Lifewire, is the second most popular website in the world – one of the biggest platforms out there, with millions of people consuming its content every day. It features everything from games to product reviews, movie trailers, and “how-to” videos, so there are many ways to interact with your audience.

Videos on YouTube are an amazing way to get feedback. It might arguably be the best place when it comes to feedback, whether it is good, bad, or helpful. It stands to reason, then, that YouTube marketing is a great way to increase the popularity of your business and products. To reap these benefits, you need to have a YouTube business account.

How Do You Create a YouTube Account?

  1. Creating a YouTube account is easy. Just follow these steps:
  2. Sign into an existing Google account, or create one.
  3. After creating a Google account, go to YouTube’s homepage.
  4. Click on the avatar icon located on the upper right corner of the screen.
  5. Click on “My Channel” from the drop-down menu.
  6. For personal YouTube account, add your first and last name into the required fields. For a YouTube business account, select “use a business or other name,” and you will be directed to a screen where you can add your company’s name.
  7. Click “Create” to activate your YouTube account.

After creating an account, you can now start creating videos. There are many different types you can make. Here are just a few examples:

  • Brand videos, which will showcase your core values and business
  • Educational videos, along with “how-to” videos. These are particularly useful because people love to learn.
  • Product review videos, which are great for reviewing and sharing your products in detail.
  • Content marketing videos, which distribute relevant and valuable content that is clearly defined and understood by your target audience.

Make sure you put lots of effort into creating videos and promoting your channel if you want to stand out from your competitors, big or small. It is most important that you make a positive impact on your audience and listen to your viewers. Ensure you interact and respond to your comments as well. Some people and companies on YouTube will end up ignoring their account or not listen to their audience, and in turn, that only hurts their channel and business.

You can increase your traffic by including your link in your videos or the comments below the video, especially if you are doing a collaboration.

Another great feature that YouTube also has is the ability to create playlists, which allows you to properly group your videos together. If you already have a good content collection on your channel, a playlist allows a user to watch all of them together without clicking each video separately.

You can do all of these for free!

Other Benefits of YouTube for Business

YouTube has numerous uses and benefits for business. Aside from growing your audience worldwide, YouTube can also help you:

Demonstrate Expertise

Many brands use YouTube for business marketing to establish their reputation as an expert in their niche. This includes uploading video tutorials and tips, as well as linking to other professionals’ videos with relevant topics.

Increase Visibility on Google

Videos are appearing more often in Google’s search results compared to text-only pages. You can take advantage of this by writing high-quality blog posts on your website and creating and uploading complementary videos on your YouTube account. This will build backlinks to your website, making it easier for people to find you on Google. The more authoritative your website is in Google, the higher your pages will rank in the SERPs.

Increase Conversion Rates

Experts say that video content is 12 times more likely to be viewed than texts are to be read. Also, we process videos 60,000 times faster than plain texts.
YouTube videos capture people’s attention better. They evoke more emotions like no other form of online content can by making people think and feel. They help humanize your brand, bringing it to life, sending your messages loud and clear.

These will all help your brand build trust and authority, which will lead to higher conversion rates.

YouTube is definitely one of the fastest, if not the fastest, growing sites on the Web and one of the best places to showcase your products and services. Just make sure you use all the features YouTube marketing has to offer you, stay positive, be patient, and listen to your audience. Advanced Digital Media Services has a team of social media experts to work with you. We look forward to helping you make your business a big success!

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